Psssstt…This is for you…. You’re wondering if an EnviroCloth and Window Cloth could really work, right? Maybe it’s sounding too good to be true. I know how that feels. I was there once! Before I tried Norwex, I had a lot of questions, too. I’d like to help. So, I made my bathroom mirror super messy to show you how absorbent an EnviroCloth is. Watch it work with just water! Then you’ll also see the Window Cloth taking away all the streaks. Check it out — hopefully, this will help put your mind at ease!  If it does, you might want to try buying a Basic Package, host a party with me, or become a consultant. You can get the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth for $9.99 in May if you become a consultant! You’d have no sales requirement — it’s a low-stress, risk-free way to try out being a Norwex consultant and experience how the cloths work! If you have two minutes, please watch this video and comment on it on Facebook to let me know your thoughts. I’d be glad to answer any questions you have.

Being a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant is such a happy part of my life. I started out by trying a few cloths and a set of Spirinetts (awesome stainless steel scrubbers). I fell in love. A friend encouraged me to join Norwex, and even though it was like nothing I’d done before (I’d say it was out of character…) I signed-up! And my goodness, it’s been a great decision for me. I lead a team of warm, friendly consultants who believe in Norwex’s mission, love the products, want to help other families, and also really need flexible jobs. We work when we want to, putting our family’s health and happiness first, while also growing our businesses. Since we live all over the United States, we have our meetings on Facebook.

I’d love to welcome you to our team, help you host a home party or Facebook party, or answer your questions about the products. My favorite way to communicate is by Facebook Message — it’s so convenient for me as a mom! If you message me (or comment on one of my Facebook posts) I’ll respond online! You can also let me know if you’d like to talk on the phone — we can set up a time to chat. Answering questions is one of the best parts of this job, so don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help you get started with Norwex as a customer, host or new teammate.

Wondering if you should get that EnviroCloth and Window Cloth?