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When I share Norwex through Facebook parties I enjoy…
  • Working from home with the chance to put my children to bed
  • Getting to know other families — I’ve made so many real life, cherished friends through Facebook events!
  • Never worrying about canceling parties because of the weather or people not being able to get babysitting. Facebook parties are so convenient for families with young kids!
  • Seeing my hosts enjoy reconnecting with far-away friends and family as we chat live on Facebook and share stories, our family priorities, and our tips for having healthy homes
  • Helping hostesses “go green” and bring home lots of free Norwex for their homes
  • Being a “Norwex guide” for those just getting started. I love answering questions, helping people get to know our extensive catalog and suggesting practical ways to begin with Norwex in your home
  • Knowing that what I do makes a difference — Norwex is helping people improve their qualify of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes, and we do this one home at a time. Every family I chat with is another family with the chance to “go green” and improve their quality of life. It’s so much fun to hear about their experiences after they bring home their first Norwex cloths. It’s usually a life changing purchase!

If you’re stuck inside this winter and wish you could share Norwex with your friends, let’s talk about having a Facebook party!  If you and your friends enjoy interacting online, then Facebook could be a great place for you to host your event. Just send me a message and we’ll pick a date!


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Winter brings so many reasons to LOVE Facebook parties!