All About the Mop and the August Specials!

I’ve had such fun talking about mopping and cleaning in my Facebook parties this month. That sounds funny to say, but I truly enjoy meeting new friends in my parties and showing them how Norwex works! I get some “me time” and make new friends at the same time. Why have I been so enthusiastic about sharing the mop? Part of it is the messes my kids bring home from day camp. My kids are in the woods all day, and I swear that when they enter the house at dinner time, it’s like a cloud of dirt follows them! It’s been helpful to be able to quickly mop up the mess and the mud. I also love to cook and tend to have a lot of messes on my kitchen floor and even on the kitchen walls. I’ve enjoyed being able to quickly mop those up with just the wet mop pad and a little warm water. It’s great to share my happy Norwex stories in parties, so more people learn how they can clean quickly and easily!  I even try to “go live” during the day (when my house is more quiet) to do live demos and show how much fun it is to use Norwex.

It’s not too late to get a free mop this summer! August is a “mop month” for Norwex hosts, where it’s pretty easy to earn a free Superior Mop Collection through a party. It’s also a month when it’s unusually easy to become a Norwex consultant and get a mop in your starter kit! Here’s a quick overview of this month’s sign-up special, host specials and customer specials!

Why it’s easy to join Norwex in August!

2017 August sign-up recruiting flyer

It only takes two or three parties to earn that party starter kit for free!  I enjoy helping my new team members have a Facebook party and coach them about how to hold their first home parties. It’s fun to share something you love with your friends!

August is also a super month to join because Norwex gives you the chance to earn the following rewards:

2017 August Freshstart bonus screen shot part 2

Can you imagine hosting your own launch party (earning around $200 in free products as the host) while also getting all the products in the Party Starter Kit, plus the free products and the shopping sprees pictured above? What an amazing way to add free Norwex to your home!


Why August is a SUPER time for a party!

These are the August Host Rewards! Norwex is giving our August hosts the chance to earn a free mop!

2017 August HOST

What’s on sale in August?

If you host an August party, your friends will be able to order these Customer Specials. I’m especially excited about the Safe Haven On-the-Go package because it’s perfect to give to school teachers this fall!

2017 August CUSTOMER

I’m here to help you learn about Norwex and these wonderful opportunities!

Please contact me through Facebook or send me a note if you’d like help choosing products, scheduling a party or joining my team!

Why I love the Norwex mop