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Did you ever have one of those mornings….with a headache, raw meat juice all over the kitchen floor, and an appointment to get to with your baby? It’s one of those days here.

This morning I spilled raw pot roast marinade all over our kitchen floor (ewwww) and cleaned it with an EnviroCloth and water. I know that a properly used EnviroCloth can remove up to 99% of bacteria with just water, so it was an effective and quick way to clean up the spill.

If you think about it, it would have taken me so much longer to clean that spill with paper towels and then properly use a disinfectant. I would have needed to leave the floor visibly wet with a disinfectant for four to ten minutes for it to be effective, and then because we have a young baby who will soon be crawling, I would have wanted to thoroughly rinse away the disinfectant. According to the Environmental Working Group the chemicals in disinfecting wipes and similar products are associated with asthma and allergies, so we avoid their use in our home. In my experience, using an EnviroCloth and water is such an easier, faster way to clean up a mess.

One concern I commonly hear is “can I really use that same cloth to clean something else?” My answer to that question is to share my personal routine. This is what makes sense to me: If I clean something gross (like raw meat juice, the outside of our toilet, or a child’s vomit), I immediately hand wash the cloth in the sink with some Ultra Power Plus (Norwex’s awesome laundry detergent). That’s so easy to do, and it removes the organic matter of concern. Then I hang the cloth to dry somewhere with good air flow, and give the microsilver in the cloth time to work. The microsilver is there simply to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacterial odor. By the next day, I feel comfortable using that cloth to clean my house again.

If you have several EnviroCloths in your home, you can dedicate one cloth to dealing with “gross situations” (like raw meat juice). Doing that has really helped my family cut back on our use of disinfectants, because we are now very comfortable using an EnviroCloth for a germy situation.

If your budget is tight and you’re not sure how you could start out buying several EnviroCloths at once, let me say that I completely understand!  Here are my suggestions:

1) Buy a Travel Pack of small EnviroCloths. This is a handy, purse-size pack of four smaller cloths, with the same high-quality microfiber as the full-size EnviroCloth. They are just the right size for cleaning the outside of a toilet, removing a small amount of meat juice from a kitchen counter, cleaning a foggy car windshield, or dealing with a coffee spill on the way to work. I keep a travel size cloth for cleaning each toilet, plus always have a travel-size enviro cloth in my purse or diaper bag for when our baby drops a toy on the floor or spits up on me.

2) Host a Facebook Party!  The monthly hostess specials are generous. The hostess specials vary from month to month, but this part remains consistent: If you have 5 buying guests, your host package will include a free EnviroCloth!  You’ll also earn a percentage of party sales to spend on anything you like, and will get a free Window Cloth for each friend who books their own party. If you need extra EnviroCloths for your home, hosting a party is a great way to get them for free.

3) Chat with Me — Share your Norwex wish list and I’ll work with you to help you get it!

I have a small, private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get advice, and see my personal stories, photos and videos. It’s called Rebecca’s Customer Club. If you’re a customer of mine who’d like to be part of that private group on Facebook, you can ask to join it here. It’s a good place to ask for personal advice about products and to get my reviews and stories about my Norwex experience.

Please also feel free to e-mail me with questions. I love helping you learn about Norwex, and I’m always glad to follow-up with additional product information and tips. I’m here to be your guide to “all things Norwex” and hope you will be in touch!

Good luck with your home cleaning experiences. Hopefully no one else will be spilling pot roast on their kitchen floor today!



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