What makes a Norwex Enviro Cloth different from other cleaning products? Why can I clean with just water?

Here’s what makes Norwex so special:

1) Removal of bacteria: When used and cared for properly, an EnviroCloth can remove up to 99% of bacteria with just water!

2) Microscopic Fibers: Norwex Enviro Cloths are made from polyester and nylon fibers so small they are 1/200th the width of a human hair. The fibers are split into microscopic “hooks,” which together with pockets of space, help them grab onto liquid, dirt and debris.

3) Density: Each Enviro Cloth has 10 million feet of microfiber in it. It can hold seven times its weight in water. You can pick up a LOT of debris with one cloth because it is so dense.

4) Removal of debris (not spreading it around): The splitting of the fibers into microscopic hooks PLUS the density of the cloths, gives you a cloth that can break up surface dirt, hold onto it, and remove it. Norwex cloths remove four times as much dirt as other synthetic yarns or cotton blend cloths, because they have so many cleaning surfaces per fiber.

5) Antibacterial Silver: During the production of Norwex’s microfiber, silver is melted into the fibers. The silver is an EPA approved antimicrobial solely designed to inhibit the growth of bacterial odor, mold and mildew in the cloths.

6) Efficiency: Norwex Enviro Cloths reduce chemical and water use by 90%. They reduce the use of disposable paper products. Their microfiber dries in one-third the time of ordinary textiles.

7) Durability: Norwex microfiber cloths are long-lasting! They are under warranty for two years, and generally last for 500 washes or 10 years.

8) Customer Service: Shopping with me means that you get my support — I’ll help you get the most from your purchase!  It’s important to me that you are happy with your products and are finding the most affordable, practical items for your home.

9) Helping Other Families: When you shop with Norwex, you’re helping a consultant support their family. Norwex is so supportive of its consultants and allows us to care for our families and have a flexible job that we care about. Thank you for helping me be home with my kids, while also helping families “go green!”

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for help placing an order. I’m happy to share personal experiences and suggestions to help you choose the right Norwex for your you. My Norwex shopping site is found at www.RebeccaL.Norwex.biz.  If you’re hoping to start out with some basic Norwex microfiber, I recommend the Household Package: an Enviro Cloth, Window Cloth and Dusting Mitt!  Please be sure you also have an environmentally-friendly detergent to care for your cloths — this is an important part of caring for them and ensuring that they work well for you.


Rebecca Leibowitz, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

What makes Norwex’s cloths different?

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