bec&joshuaWelcome to my online “home.” Like many people, much of my life is built around my home and family. And in my case, I’d say that an unusual amount of my life happens at home.

Creating a happy, healthy home life has been vital to my well being, because I’ve had limited mobility for many years due to chronic illness.

When I was a teenager, my illness was severe. I was often home-bound and nearly bedridden. That history makes my current life (with a family, friends, and a job) seem amazing. When I was primarily at home, in bed, from ages 16 to 26, I had reason to doubt what the future held for me. I could barely shower or care for myself at times, but I found meaning in volunteer work done primarily from home. I threw myself into medical research and advocacy for youth with disabilities, and felt that the most important parts of my life were already happening — at congressional lobby days and briefings, meetings at the National Institutes of Health, and board meetings focused on research and public policy efforts. I was dedicated to bringing something good out of a very dark time, and it was thrilling. I often needed a wheelchair to go out, and it was hard to envision myself being well enough to care for others, but I never gave up hope. I was sure that my life would have meaning and purpose, even if I had to work with such severe physical limitations.

Despite my hopeful attitude, I could not envision the positive turns my life would take. I had no clue that 18 years later, I’d find so much colorful, joyful chaos (two small children!) in my very own home, and that this would mean just as much to me as my days of advocacy and research did.

The surprises in my life have included….

  • a loving husband who sees my limitations and my possibilities and never stops encouraging me;
  • having gotten well enough to earn my RN degree;
  • having suffered a horrible relapse that prevented me from working as a nurse;
  • two healthy children who fill the house with creative energy and affection;
  • a crazy combination of food allergies in our house leading to a LOT of creative cooking;
  • the joy I find in being an interfaith family, where our children learn about both Judaism and Methodism
  • and the discovery of a flexible job that I can do primarily from home, and that I really believe in.

During the ups and downs that I’ve experienced with my health, I’ve learned how much I enjoy inviting friends to visit. Welcoming others into our home makes our family life so much richer and happier. I invite you to join me here in my blog, too, where I’ll share posts about healthy living, gluten-free cooking, getting started with Norwex in your home, and more.  Welcome to my online home.


Welcome to my home
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