I just took these photos this morning. My kids are always touching our glass sliding door with wet, sandy hands, kissing it, and peering out of it with their faces pressed up close. If I cleaned it with glass cleaner, they’d be touching or kissing those chemicals, which is why I prefer to clean with water!  It’s been so easy to get their sand, smudges, and mud off of the door with just water and Norwex cloths. It’s great when something is both healthy and easy!




The two products used in this photo are the Enviro Cloth (dampened with water) and the Window Cloth (used to dry the windows). They’re sold as Norwex’s Basic Package.  It’s a great way to begin cleaning your home with Norwex!   The cloths usually last 10 years (or 500 washes) so you’ll enjoy using them for a long time.


Washing sandy windows
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