It’s a September “Free Yourself” Giveaway

Norwex is giving away something special in September that could remove any reservations you’ve had about trying these wonderful products. It’s offering free Norwex cloths and the opportunity to try selling them with zero financial risk. Although I can be shy about sharing the Norwex opportunity, I really want to offer this to you. I want to see my friends receive free cloths and the opportunity to be part of an ethical, caring company.


Receive Free Products in a No Risk Kit

In September Norwex invites you to receive a free

  • Red Enviro Cloth
  • Green Enviro Cloth
  • Window Cloth
  • Dusting Mitt
  • Set of SpiriSponges
  • And the catalogs and paperwork you’d need as a sales consultant.

How does this work?  Sign up to be an independent sales consultant in September and pay $7.99 shipping for your start-up kit. This is a “no strings attached” offer that could benefit your family and will allow you to share Norwex with those you love.  You’ll have no minimum sales requirements as a Norwex consultant signing up for this deal. That means if you receive your free starter kit and something arises in your life that prevents you from selling Norwex actively, you’ll never be penalized for that. You’ll benefit, from free cleaning products that will save your family money, and from having connected with our warm, supportive sales team.


If you love these products and choose to sell them, you’ll find it enjoyable and rewarding!  You’ll begin earning a 35% commission on sales immediately and will be eligible for additional incentives. You’ll earn hostess rewards for all the parties you personally host, and will be able to order products for your home at a 35% discount. From Day One, you’ll have my support and encouragement – I’ll help you have a launch party in your home or on Facebook, so you can quickly reach your sales goals and get even more rewards. I’ll coach you about how to ask friends to host their own parties, and how to build your business.


This is affordable and low risk!

If you’ve thought about sharing your love of Norwex with your friends, but were afraid of sales deadlines or penalties, Norwex’s Free Yourself campaign doesn’t have any of those! It simply rewards you for your success. You can only sign up for this program in September 2014.


September-freeyourselfYou can feel good about joining this company. Norwex’s core values are integrity, trust and respect. The Norwex mission is: Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. Norwex realizes that its success arises from the achievements of its consultants, so it supports us, appreciates us, and rewards our efforts.



Read on to find the details below, or contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk on the phone. I’d be happy to answer your questions about how this works, so you can see if it is right for you.




Norwex is generous with its new consultants. Here’s how the first 90 days work!

Norwex will reward your success with free products for your home or business. If you’re looking to reduce your cleaning costs at home, or to build up supplies for Norwex parties, your first few months are the time to do so.  Most consultants I know have received around $700 in free products in their first 90 days.  Norwex’s “Fresh Start” rewards program begins on your first day as a consultant:

  • Receive approximately $140 in free products when you have $400 in sales in your first 15 days. (We can accomplish that together at your launch party!)
  • Receive approximately $200 in free products when your sales total $1,000 within your first 30 days. (If one or two local friends host parties for you, or your extended family will shop from you online, you can totally do this! I’ll help you the entire time, especially if you’re having online events).
  • Receive a Norwex travel bag to carry your party supplies when you recruit one new team member in your first 45 days
  • Receive approximately $225 in free products when your sales total $2,000 in your first 90 days.
  • Recruit your second team member in your first 60 days and receive a rolling travel bag.
  • Recruit your third team member in your first 90 days and receive a Norwex carry-on bag.
  • The countdown for earning these rewards begins as soon as you sign-up, so it’s a good idea to talk with me first, be sure this is something you want to do, and plan for success, so we can fill your home with lots of bonus products from Norwex from the start.


Here’s how this September campaign is different from the “usual” Norwex sign-up process. For most of the year, new consultants receive a much larger start-up kit for free (they just pay a shipping fee. Scroll down the page linked to here to see what’s included in the standard start-up kit). They are asked to sell $2,000 in product in 90-days, and agree that if they cannot do that, they’ll pay $200 to Norwex to cover some of the cost of their start-up kit. They receive the same Fresh Start incentives for achieving sales goals in their first 14, 30 and 90 days, and for recruiting their first 3 team members. The main difference is that the “no strings attached” Free Yourself campaign for September involves a smaller start-up kit (i.e. no mop) and comes with zero penalties if you don’t make $2,000 in sales in your first 90 days. It’s a low-stress way to start, but because the kit is small, it won’t provide you with every product you might wish to demonstrate at parties.

Most consultants I know who signed up the “regular” way had no problem selling $2,000 in 90-days, and they were glad to receive the more complete start-up kit, which includes the mop. Both start-up kit options are available in September — the standard kit and the smaller kit that comes with the Free Yourself campaign.


I joined Norwex during a similar “sign up for free” offer last year. I received a small start-up kit, with no risk of any fees or penalties. This was important to me at the time – I had doubts about my health and about whether I’d like direct sales, and I wanted to avoid any financial risk. Here’s the thing: I was successful! I loved selling Norwex and I achieved all of my sales goals for the first 90-days. This means I could have started with the larger, regular kit, with no worries, and would have received a free mop and many other products from Day One. Instead, I ended up buying a mop for my family, as well as other items that I wanted to demonstrate or give away. I did not have to do this, of course, but it was hard for me to hold back, once I fell in love with Norwex. If you’re serious about selling Norwex, you may want to sign up the “regular” way – with a larger kit, and the goal of $2000 in sales in 90-days – and have everything you need from the get-go. If you’re unsure, as I was, then the smaller kit available this month may be right for you.


What happens if you sign-up for the smaller, “no risk” kit in September, get the free products, and then don’t sell Norwex? If you go three months without $250 in sales, you won’t be listed as an active consultant, but there won’t be any penalty to you for that. You’ll be given an additional 3 months to get involved again (to make $250 in sales) before reaching a point of not being listed in the system. At that point, if you want to continue making sales or getting the 35% discount, you’d be able to pay $20 to get reactivated. Because Norwex is so flexible, you really can sell it part-time, as your lifestyle permits, and still enjoy the benefits of being a sales consultant!


Want to get started?

Let’s have a 15-minute conversation to see if this is right for you. Contact me and let me know a good time to give you a phone call (or if you prefer, we can e-mail). I don’t want anyone to feel pressured or to jump into something that doesn’t feel right for them.

If you do want to sign-up as a consultant, first, Yay!!!!! Second, be aware that as soon as you sign up online, the countdown begins for your first 14-days sales goal (and if you meet that goal, Norwex sends you lots of free products!). That means we should talk or e-mail before you fill out Norwex’ registration form, so we can start you out right. I’ll help you start selling Norwex through an online party as soon as you sign-up, to give you the best chance possible of achieving your Fresh Start goals and receiving free products for your family and business. Let’s make a plan together and then get your Norwex opportunity started!


The last chance to sign-up for this offer is the morning of October 1. 

Here’s the link to sign up and join my team:

I suggest opting-in for the free trial of Consultant Office Suite — this will allow you to edit your newsletter, see your customer’s contact information, and do other helpful things “behind the scenes.”

If you have any questions about the other aspects of signing-up, please contact me. I’m here to help!






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