I had major surgery two weeks ago and am not 100% yet. I thought I’d share some of the things that have made my life a little simpler in the last few weeks. Perhaps you will also have tips to share for times when you’re tired, are recovering from surgery or just had a baby. Here’s what’s working well for me:

  • Freezer meals!  Prior to my surgery, I made lots of casseroles and other freezer meals. I also baked and froze the gluten-free muffins, cornbread, and sandwich rolls that are staples for school lunch packing at our house. I even baked and frosted gluten-free cupcakes and a gluten-free birthday cake, since our son would turn six right after I got out of the hospital.
  • You can also prep ingredients that will work for a variety of meals, and not limit their use to a specific recipe. The weekend before my surgery I cooked ground beef and turkey and froze those in gallon-size bags, so that when I’m back to cooking meals, it will be really easy to decide to make tacos, sloppy joe’s, meat sauce, or chili. I thought it would be nice to have that flexibility.
  • Asking for help…. Thanks to a generous family member, we were able to hire someone to do the major house cleaning twice a month for the next month or two. And we found someone who cleans with Norwex cloths! It’s wonderful. She hardly brings any cleaning supplies at all, because I have everything she’ll need. I’m not well enough yet to carry something heavy like a vacuum, so having extra help for a little while is most welcome!
  • Placing travel-size EnviroCloths and a Window Cloth in each bathroom helps a lot. It enables our kids, my husband or me to quickly clean up toothpaste messes and leave the bathroom sink and mirror shining.It’s so easy and quick, and makes for a much healthier, more welcoming environment.
  • Body Cloths have been a big help to me personally as I recover from surgery. I’m still trying to keep a surgical site dry, and it’s helpful to me to be able to wash my face and body with just a soft cloth and water (no soap). It’s also super easy to shave my legs while sitting on the side of the bathtub, just prepping them with a wet body cloth, then shaving, without needing soap or shaving gel. What a time saver it is, and it helps me feel better about myself as I’m recovering.
  • The little things seem to matter a lot when you don’t feel 100%, don’t they? I’m appreciating small pleasures more, too!  I have been enjoying using Norwex’s mint toothpaste and my Silvercare toothbrush. They help me feel fresh and healthy, so I feel better as I start and finish my day. I’m also using Norwex’s Shea Butter as a lip balm — it’s gentle, natural, doesn’t really have a taste, and I like how it looks!
  • This may sound silly, but I’ve been so glad that it’s easy to wash windows with an EnviroCloth, water, and Window Cloth. I don’t have a lot of energy right now, but have washed several windows in order to feel that my rooms are bright, shiny, happy places, and it really helps! Nothing brightens and cheers a space like the sunshine coming through a clean window.
  • Keeping a clean Kitchen Cloth or EnviroCloth in our kitchen has also been helpful. I feel more capable and helpful to my family if I can quickly wipe up crumbs and spills, and make our kitchen a comfortable place to be. It’s easy for me to contribute to the cleaning effort quickly if we always have a cloth on hand.
  • I’ve also been cheered by beginning to work my Norwex business again. A person can’t only focus on adapting to medical challenges, packing school lunches, and planning help with childcare – there is more to life than that! I love working with my team of Norwex consultants and have had such fun planning summer challenges and party themes. I’m grateful to have a job that I love, with a mission I believe in, to help me stay positive during a challenging time.

What helps you when you aren’t 100% Do you have house cleaning, menu planning, and childcare tips for times when your energy is low or your movement is restricted? I’d love to hear your suggestions — please comment below!

Tips for when you’re tired!