Who’s ready for spring? Is anyone interested in a free mop for sopping up all of the springtime mud? Norwex must have had this in mind when they designed their April Host Specials, because they include the Double-Sided Mop!

The April host specials were released today and they’re lovely! A $500 level party will get you the Double-Sided Mop base and both of its pads, plus a $50 shopping spree (enough to buy the $29.99 mop pole and another product of your choice!). There’s more: The April host rewards for a $500 party also include a Kitchen Cloth and Towel set in pomegranate, Dishwashing Liquid, Dish Mat, Kitchen Scrub Cloth, and UPP Laundry Detergent. For each friend who books a party you’ll get a free Window Cloth, and if you have 5 buying guests you’ll get a free Enviro Cloth, too. The more buying guests you have, the more freebies you’ll earn (i.e. free Body Cloths for having 8 buying guests!). With a Norwex party closed in April, you and your guests will be all set for healthy spring cleaning!

If you’d like to have a live Facebook party just let me know!



Stop the Dirt at the Door!

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