give norwex to your teachers
Who’s ready for school to resume?

Here in New York we still have three more weeks of summer before our children go back to school. I’m planning ahead now, thinking about giving Norwex cloths to my daughter’s first grade teacher, to help her have a healthier classroom. If you host a Norwex party in the next few weeks, you could earn free products and give them to your children’s teachers. How about that?


Here are the September Host and Customer Specials.

I’m so excited about the chance to not only share free Norwex products with you but to also help you get them for your children’s schools, should you choose to share  your hostess specials with them. I enjoy live Facebook Parties very much, so you do not need to live near me (in New York) to have a party with me. Just let me know if you’d like to schedule an event!

If you click on these images, you can open a larger PDF file that’s easier to read.


2015 - september HOST image


2015 - september CUSTOMER image

September’s Specials – Give a gift to your new teachers!

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