Let’s talk about bathroom cleaning…and the September specials!

There’s often nervous laughter when I bring out the Ergonomic Toilet Brush at my home parties — I always reassure guests that the brush they’re seeing has never touched a toilet and is only brought to parties! Then I tell about how funny I think it is to gush about a toilet brush, and go on to explain how different I think this brush is. From its silver-coated bristles (antimicrobial!), to the way it scrubs under the rim, to the way it hangs to dry (no sitting in a wet puddle of water), it’s just well made! I’m super excited to see this toilet brush on sale in September, paired with one of my favorite bathroom cleaners, Blue Diamond. At my house, we use Blue Diamond undiluted for toilet cleaning, and dilute it 1:7 in a spray bottle of water for cleaning the shower and tub. My favorite tool to use for tub cleaning is the Bathroom Scrub Mitt — it has a scrubby nylon weave on one side, and plush microfiber on the other. I’ve been using the same mitt for over three years. It’s really held up well!  The other special that I want to call your attention to is the Power Pack: an EnviroCloth, Window Cloth, and Magnetic EnviroCloth. If you’re thinking about giving Norwex to a classroom teacher, or about giving it as a housewarming gift, that special is a great option!

Here’s the September Customer Specials flyer. Keep in mind that you could earn these products for free or at a discount by hosting a party, or could receive some of them in your party starter kit if you become a Norwex consultant like me. (I like to point that out because personally, I never would have become a consultant if a friend hadn’t encouraged me to do so. And it was one of the best decisions I ever made!)

2017 September CUSTOMER specials

2017 September CUSTOMER spend-and-get window cloth

Thinking about hosting?

Now let’s talk about the September Host Rewards! They’re full of items you’d want in a healthy kitchen (think ahead about Thanksgiving and holiday baking!) and could also be used for hostess gifts, teachers gifts, and more! Hosts have the chance to earn all of these items for free, as well as to earn a host shopping spree (see the Host Dollars section for details).

2017 September HOST specials UPDATED

One of my favorite things is getting to know my hosts and new team members. It makes me so happy to help them bring Norwex to their lives! If you have any questions about choosing products, hosting a party or joining my team, feel free to send me a message on Facebook!

September’s Customer and Host Specials