Did you know Norwex can help making springtime clean-ups quick and easy? If you’re already enjoying using Norwex’s microfiber in your daily life, you might enjoy these other ways that it can speed up tasks and brighten your day.

Here are some springtime uses for the Household Package that you may not have tried yet:

  • Wipe away mud and salt stains from shoes and boots with a damp Enviro Cloth
  • Remove the grime from children’s sand and water tables with an Enviro Cloth before putting these toys out for use again this spring
  • Clean patio tables with an Enviro Cloth. If they are glass-top, dry them with a Window Cloth for a streak free finish
  • Use a wet Dusting Mitt to wipe down your patio chairs — it will be so easy to wrap the mitt around chair legs and arms and get them clean
  • DuttMitt-WindowScreen-oursWhile the Dusting Mitt is wet, use it to remove pollen and dirt from window screens
  • Easily freshen up the inside of your car — wipe away schmutz from the dashboard and snack remnants from children’s carseats using your Enviro Cloth
  • Quickly make your refrigerator shelves sparkle before you cook for Passover or Easter company — if they are glass shelves, clean them with water, the Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth!
  • Perk up your child’s school backpack — a wipe with a wet Enviro Cloth is an easy way to remove the dirt and stains that accumulate by this time of the year

What are your favorite ways to use your Enviro Cloth, Window Cloth and Dusting Mitt?

At this time of year we really get the most out of the Norwex cloths in our home!



Quick springtime clean-ups

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