April will be mop-tastic!

I’ve been waiting, anticipating the April specials for a while now…knowing that they might be awesome because of Earth Day occurring in April. And it was worth the wait: April is going to be a great month for my party hosts and customers. I am so excited!!!! It’s going to be a mop-tastic month for my hosts: You could earn the Superior Mop Collection for free in your host rewards! It’s also going to be an amazing month for customers, with packages including a free EnviroCloth or free Optic Scarf!!! What a great time of year to “go green!” Here’s a little more info about how to use the Superior Mop Collection and why I love it so much.


Here are the April Customer and Host Specials! If I was hosting a party, I would be so excited to share these specials with my friends!


When you host a party in April, you could earn all of these rewards for free. Check out the April host rewards flyer — look for all four stars!

I would love to help you plan a party, place an order, or join my team. If you have questions or would like to choose a party date, please send me a message through Facebook. I look forward to talking with you!


10 Baby Shower Gifts They’ll Love!

In my opinion, there’s no more important time for life to be EASY and non-toxic than when you have a newborn! So naturally, I have a few suggestions for Baby Shower gifts! Here are my top picks:

The Kids Bath Towel — it’s soft, plush, super absorbent, and stays fresh because it has BacLock (antimicrobial silver). They will use and love this towel for years!

The Baby Body Pack — soft, smaller, pastel-colored Body Cloths to wash baby with just water!

My ultimate “Spit-Up Survival Kit!” — an EnviroCloth, Odour Eliminator, and Ultra Power Plus powdered laundry detergent!  An EnviroCloth and water will remove spit-up from your coat, shoes, furniture and more. You can dilute the UPP laundry detergent with water in a spray bottle to tackle any baby-related carpet or furniture stains. And you can also dilute Odour Eliminator with water in a spray bottle, and use it to remove odors from spit-up, vomit, diaper explosions, etc. These three are essentials!

EnviroCloth and Window Cloth (the Basic Package) — You’ll want to use these to clean your home with water, so that baby isn’t touching or licking harmful chemicals. An EnviroCloth is great for cleaning high chairs!

Organic Lip Balm and Body Balm — Because new moms are exhausted and deserve pampering!

Silicone Lid Duo — These are perfect for covering plates and bowls when reheating foods brought over by your caring community and family.

Need a gift for an older sibling, too? You might want to get them a Pet-to-Dry Kids Hand Towel! These animal-shaped towels are always a big hit. My kids love them! There are kitten, bear, tiger and pig hand towels.


Want to know more? Feel free to message me on Facebook! That’s the easiest place to chat with me and ask questions. You can find all of these products (and much more!) at www.RebeccaL.Norwex.biz. 

Would you like to get free products? Please talk to me about hosting a Facebook party or joining my team! Both of those are great ways to stock your home with free Norwex. I love making new friends through Facebook parties and through home parties in the Hudson Valley. And my team of Norwex consultants is full of people who want to make a difference in the world, help their families, get free products, and enjoy a flexible career! Message me if you’d like to know more.


Want to see a home party talk and ask questions?

I’ll be “going live” on my Facebook page on Tuesday, March 6 at 8:30 PM Eastern to do a little training for my Norwex team: a sample home party talk. It will be informal and candid, with chances for you to ask questions by commenting. If you’ve never used Norwex, have never attended a party, and would like to hear an introduction to the cloths and how to use them, this is your chance! Come join me to hear about spring cleaning the “green” way!

You can RSVP for the event here:




March is here! Hooray for Counter Cloths and BONUS Host Dollars!

It’s been so much fun to try new Norwex products this winter. Enjoying the new lip balms and body balm has made it easier to cope with the “winter blahs.” Moisturized, glossy skin is a great way to cheer up when all you want is for spring to come. I have also found the new Counter Cloths to be a wonderful addition to my home. I use them so many times per day, for everything from cleaning stainless steel (no streaks!), to removing ketchup and sticky maple syrup from placemats, to cleaning crumbs on the counter, to drying dishes or produce. They are so practical and the antimicrobial BacLock in them has kept them fresh in my kitchen all week. It’s amazing. I wanted to share a bit about the newest products because they are included in the March Norwex host rewards! You could earn some of them for free by having a party!  Before I show you the March flyers, here’s an informal Counter Cloth demo, so you can see how it works with just water.

By the way, every tier in the March rewards includes free Counter Cloths. There’s so much that you can earn for free!

Here is the March Host Rewards flyer! You’ll want to look at all four stars – you can earn free products in so many ways! Notice the EXTRA $25 in host credits for parties held between March 1-19 with at least $550 in sales and a booking!


How about Customer Specials? Everyone loves a good sale! In March Norwex is offering a discount on two super practical products for dishwashing, as well as a great Mother’s Day gift package. Check it out!  I know so many moms who would love to be given the hair turban and back scrubber set!

Are you considering having a Facebook party? 

One question that comes up sometimes is, “How do I know if I’d be a great Facebook Party host?” Here’s my opinion about that. You don’t have to be experienced in direct sales to have a wonderful Facebook party. Instead, what matters most is being genuinely excited about “green cleaning” and your Norwex products, and wanting to share your stories, photos, favorite things, and questions in your private Facebook party. The best Facebook party hosts post a question or something that they are excited about every day in their party because they are eager to learn more and to share something they care about with their friends. When their friends see their photos, stories and questions, they catch their enthusiasm! That’s all it takes! I handle the technical parts, like teaching how Norwex works, helping them find the best products for their home, and assisting with placing orders. All a great Facebook party needs is a very enthusiastic host.

Is there anything I can assist you with?

If you’d like to place an order, host a party, or join my team I’d be delighted to help. An easy way to reach me to ask questions or schedule a party is to send me a Facebook Message. I work from home while caring for my kids, so Facebook Messages are a great way to ask me questions or to schedule a time to talk on the phone.

Have a wonderful month of March!


Body Cloth FLASH SALE!

There are certain Norwex cloths that get used every single day at my house. We love them so much that we even travel with them. Body Cloths fit that description!  Body cloths are super soft microfiber washcloths that are used with just water to remove makeup, wash your face, exfoliate and prepare for shaving, clean kids’ sticky hands and faces after meals, and make bath time easy. I love them! They are sold as 3-packs called Body Packs. There’s an incredible, super short flash sale on them happening now! It’s going to end on Sunday, February 25 at 6 PM Eastern or when the cloths sell out.  Hurry — I know I will be stocking up. I hope you will, too!  You’ll find them at this link.

Body Cloth Flash Sale


Little known joys of being a Norwex rep

I’m doing a lot of reminiscing this month, as I look back on four years of being a Norwex consultant. This flexible gig has brought me so much joy and so many opportunities to grow as a person. I love that I can help my family financially, while gaining skills that I use in my church volunteer work and other areas of my life. I’ve grown confident and have gained so much experience teaching about Norwex. It makes me happy to share my social media and home party skills with new team members. A key feature of my Norwex team is our low-pressure, “be healthy and happy” approach. We’re growing our businesses, but we put our health, happiness, and families first. If you’d like to talk about whether joining Norwex is right for you, please let me know. I’d be happy to have a conversation and answer your questions!

If you click through the images below, you’ll find some of the unexpected joys that have been part of my Norwex journey. Who knew that this gig would bring so many benefits?!