Little known joys of being a Norwex rep

I’m doing a lot of reminiscing this month, as I look back on four years of being a Norwex consultant. This flexible gig has brought me so much joy and so many opportunities to grow as a person. I love that I can help my family financially, while gaining skills that I use in my church volunteer work and other areas of my life. I’ve grown confident and have gained so much experience teaching about Norwex. It makes me happy to share my social media and home party skills with new team members. A key feature of my Norwex team is our low-pressure, “be healthy and happy” approach. We’re growing our businesses, but we put our health, happiness, and families first. If you’d like to talk about whether joining Norwex is right for you, please let me know. I’d be happy to have a conversation and answer your questions!

If you click through the images below, you’ll find some of the unexpected joys that have been part of my Norwex journey. Who knew that this gig would bring so many benefits?!



Make a Difference – Find out how!

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be a Norwex lady? On Sunday, February 11 my team is having a “Make a Difference” party on Facebook, where you can learn how Norwex reps make a difference in the world. We’ll share what it’s really like to be part of the Norwex family, whether you only sign up for the discount or sign up because you want a new career. Please message me on Facebook if you’d like to be invited! It’s a private event, intended for my customers and hosts, my team’s customers and hosts, or for those who do not have a Norwex rep (I want to support and encourage any existing relationships you might have with a Norwex consultant – I’m not here to take away from those). I’m so glad that I joined Norwex – working with my teammates and hosts allows me to help so many people create healthier homes!  If you’ve shopped with me, hosted with me, or are new to Norwex and have questions, please reach out. I’d be glad to help you get started!


My personal story and why I joined Norwex

I’m here to answer your questions about what it’s REALLY like to be part of the Norwex family. This is one of the most wonderful parts of my life. Here’s a Facebook post with a live, informal intro to why I joined Norwex and what it would be like to join in February!  If you would like to chat with me about this, I would be glad to answer any questions you have.

This is how signing up in February would work! I discuss the details in the live video, too.

This is what you’d receive in your Party Starter Kit!

You could host your own launch party and earn these February host rewards, too! Yes – you can earn commission on sales while you are also earning host rewards!

I would love to answer any of your questions about hosting a party, joining Norwex, or finding the best products for your home. Please contact me through my Facebook page and let me know how I can help. Have a wonderful month!


Need a solution for your stainless steel appliances?

I’m having such a positive experience with the new Counter Cloths. I’ve been using the same gray cloth for a week and it still smells fresh — it’s amazing! That’s the power of BacLock, Norwex’s antimicrobial silver that helps inhibit mold, mildew and bacterial odor. The biggest surprise to me has been that I can clean my stainless steel refrigerator with just a Counter Cloth and water. It’s left streak-free with just the use of the wet cloth — I don’t need to dry it with a Window Cloth!  Here’s a quick, live demo that I did on my Facebook page!

Want to know more? Here are the Counter Cloths and holder on my official Norwex website!