Eeeeee! New Laundry Booster Coming in September!

September New Product, Customer Specials, and Host Rewards!

I’m so excited – Norwex surprised us by introducing a new product this month: Microfiber Cleaner Laundry Booster!  If you have clothes with deep odors or microfiber cloths that have been heavily used or not washed often enough, this booster could be a great thing for you!  It will become available on September 12.

My customers will be able to get so many products at a discount this month!

I think the “All You Need to Clean” special would be great to give to classroom teachers, and the “Kitchen Basics with a FREE Cloth” special includes several items that would make nice additions to your kitchen or that could be saved for holiday hostess gifts for later in the fall!  Also, have you noticed that the MOP is on sale this month? That’s really unusual!

My hosts have the chance to earn so many FREE products from Norwex in September!

I’m looking forward to offering several fall Facebook Party themes this month. I also do home parties, but I’ve noticed that Facebook events can be really helpful in September when soccer and football seasons keep so many families busy. I have room for a few more Facebook party hosts (or home hosts in the Hudson Valley) this month. Please message me on Facebook if you’d like to choose a date!

Hosts earn free products in four ways: 1) by having a certain number of buying guests at their party; 2) by earning a percentage of party sales as host dollars (like a host shopping spree); by having a booking from their party; and by earning a Host Special — a package of FREE products earned by having enough sales, guests, and a booking. Here’s how all of this could benefit you in September!

I would love to help you choose a product you’ll love, get a head-start on your holiday shopping, host a party or join my team. Please contact me with questions – I am here to help!


Want to join an Opportunity Facebook Party?!

Are you curious about becoming a Norwex Consultant?

Want details about the August “get two cloths for $10” offer?

Message me if you’d like to attend a 30-minute Facebook Party on Wednesday, August 29 to learn all about the Norwex opportunity!

If you already have a relationship with a Norwex consultant, please contact him/her about the opportunity — I wouldn’t want to get in the way of a relationship that you already have. This party is intended for people who’re exploring joining my team. Thanks for understanding!  Message me on Facebook if you’d like to join Wednesday’s Facebook party. I can’t wait to “see” you there!

Here is the link to join my Norwex team. There are TWO kits currently available. The one that comes with no sales requirement is called “Join for Free.” No matter which kit you choose, you should opt-in for the two free months of Consultant Office Suite, which lets you have a website for shopping and lets you receive mobile coaching and shipment notifications. I also encourage you to consider the Kit Builders, which let you add products to your starter kit at a discount!  If you have any questions please message me on Facebook or text me at (845) 702-5765. I’m here to help.


Norwex has made a huge difference in my life!


Why am I such a geeky, enthusiastic, goofy, earnest sharer of the Norwex opportunity? My life has been CHANGED by the chance to see my hard work rewarded, regardless of disability and the limits caused by illness. I work hard, I love what I do, and Norwex encourages and supports me. Click below to read more about my story!


It’s back!!!! Join for FREE and the Best Deals in August!!!

Yayyyyy! Norwex has brought back the Join for Free offer, where you can become a Norwex consultant with no initial sales goal, so there’s no pressure! You’d get a very small starter kit, with an EnviroCloth and Window Cloth, for just a $9.99 shipping fee. It’s an amazing way to build a business you’ll love! You could still set sales and team building goals and earn the FreshStart Rewards! This offer is only good from August 15-30. (See details below.) I will be scheduling two opportunity events for late August, where you could join me online to ask questions about what it’s really like to be a Norwex consultant. If you’d like to know the event dates, please message me on Facebook! Now, here are the details about the August sign-up offers and other specials!

This is the join-for-free kit: 

You actually will have TWO kit options this month — the small, join-for-free kit, or an upgraded Party Starter Kit with extra products! 

When you join with the Party Starter Kit, you’re choosing the best deal in the catalog. It’s a gigantic starter kit, worth over $300! And in August it includes bonus products: a Makeup Removal Cloth Set, Optic Scarf, and Microfiber Variety Pack. You only pay $9.99 at sign-up, and if you sell $2000 in 90-days (which most people can accomplish by doing several home parties) then you pay nothing more for the kit!  If you do not sell $2000 in 90-days, you’d pay $200 to help cover part of the cost of your kit at that time. You’d still be a Norwex consultant, with 35% commission and the chance to earn free products, build a team, and make a difference for your family and your neighborhood!

Options You’ll See During Sign-Up

There are Kit Builders, only offered during the consultant sign-up process, which could ship along with your kit (for the same low shipping fee) and give you extra products at a huge discount. What’s great is that while you’d pay a discounted rate for these packages, Norwex counts the order as if you sold the full retail value, meaning that it helps you reach your sales goals faster and earn free products! These are the 2018 Kit Builder Options.


One reason it’s so smart to choose a Gold Package is that it helps you immediately earn your FreshStart Step One!

The FreshStart Rewards program is an optional program that allows you to earn BONUS free products from Norwex!  Here’s how it works.


I love how flexible this career is. After you become a Norwex consultant, you’ll need to sell $250 every 6-months in order to keep your ordering privileges. That’s so easy to do!  (You may also play a $163 personal order using your consultant discount to reach that goal.)

When you join Norwex, you can earn commission, host rewards, and the FreshStart Rewards all at once at your first party!  Host two launch parties at your home to get a strong start!  Here are the August Host Rewards that you could earn it would be a way to earn a free mop!!!

I’m so happy that I joined Norwex!  It’s been such a blessing to my family and me. Do you have questions? I’d be glad to message with you on Facebook or to set up a time to talk on the phone. Feel free to contact me with questions or to schedule a chat.

I’d love to welcome you to our team!


August Customer & Host Specials

Woot woot!  It’s a “mop month” again for our Norwex hosts!  I love Mop Months because they make it sooooo easy to get the simplest, most eco-friendly, long-lasting mop around. Here are the Host and Customer Specials for this month.

August 15 Update: The BEST DEAL is now the New Consultant Starter Kit!  See the details below!!!  It’s a Join-for-Free month now, from August 15 through noon CDT on September 1!

Host Specials:

Customer Specials:


The Join-for-Free Consultant Starter Kit – Please message me on Facebook with any questions. When you’re ready to sign-up for the no-risk kit, please do so at Please do opt-in for the free two-month trial of Consultant Office Suite (so you’ll have a website for people to shop, along with other important features).  If you LOVE discounts and earning free things, message me and ask me about the Kit Builders — if you add the Gold Level Kit Builder during sign-up, you’ll get so many free things as a result!



July Customer & Host Specials for a Healthy Summer

What a lovely time for a FREE MOP month for our hosts!  I also love that the Body Cloth is on sale this month!  I love washing my face with just a soft body cloth and water — I use one every day. Our family even travels with Body Cloths — they’re essential for cleaning our kids after meals and for bathtime! I also am a big fan of the wool dryer balls. They fluff up our laundry while it dries, so that we don’t need fabric softener or dryer sheets!

Customer Specials:

Host Specials: 

Questions? I’d be glad to help you find the best products for your situation — to help you save money, save time, and enjoy cleaning again. Feel free to message me on Facebook with questions. If you’d like to schedule a time to chat on the phone that is also a possibility!