Healthy New Year Facebook Parties

I thought I’d share this post from my Home With Bec Facebook Page tonight because that is where you’ll often find me! I love Facebook — ever since I started being up half the night with a newborn, Facebook has been a lifeline for me. And now it’s also where I help families “go green” by answering questions, demonstrating products, sharing what my life is really like, and having Facebook parties.

If you’d like to schedule a January Facebook Party, there’s still plenty of time! This is a “mop month,” when hosts have the chance to earn the Superior Mop Collection for free!  I love having Facebook Parties in January because not only do they eliminate any worry about snowstorms or illnesses leading to cancellations, but they also are the perfect way for people to ask lots of questions about creating a healthy home and a fresh new start in 2018. Please send me a Facebook Message if you’re a Norwex fan who’d like to schedule a Facebook Party date.

Here are the January Host and Customer Specials, so you can see how exciting this month will be!

There’s also a wonderful benefit for new Norwex consultants: If you join Norwex during January, you’ll get a 40% discount on everything you purchase this month!

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest green cleaning news and Norwex specials? Or do you have questions about becoming a consultant or hosting a party? Please like my Facebook Page and feel free to message me there with questions. Have a healthy and happy January!


January is a Mop Month!

Will your family be “going green” and getting healthy in the new year? One thing I appreciate about having Norwex in my home is that my daily cleaning is done without harmful chemicals. You can’t get safer than cleaning with water! January Norwex parties are traditionally a big deal because January is a “mop month” for Norwex hosts! That’s a month when the Superior Mop Collection can be earned for free in the host specials. It’s so exciting when this happens! The January 2018 rewards are especially great because they begin with free products that will help all families get clean and healthy — like the Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth, kids’ Pet-to-Dry Kitten hand towel, and green EnviroCloth. Then they add in the chance to earn the mop for free! There’s even the chance to earn a free microfiber entry mat to stop dirt at the door, and to earn an extra (second) wet mop pad — one made from recycled water bottles! I have been using the same mop for over 3.5 years and I still love it. It makes my house cleaning simpler and easier. I can’t wait to help lots of families bring it home this January!  I do home parties in the Hudson Valley and Facebook parties for families all throughout the United States. If you’d like to host a party in January and hopefully earn a free mop, please send me a Facebook message!

2018 January HOST


Kids Dusting Mitt and toddlers

When you tell your preschooler to put on mittens before school… (This is a Norwex Kids Dusting Mitt!)

Joshua - Dusting Mitt as a mitten - December 2017 (1)

My kids have grown up using Norwex cloths and water to clean. They are so used to our cloths and dusting mitts being available that our youngest gets confused about the difference between winter mittens and Norwex mitts! I’m so glad that they can help me clean and that I don’t have to worry about them ingesting harmful chemicals. Yay Norwex!


December Brings Great Gifts!

Last year I picked up several pomegranate Kitchen Cloths for hostess gifts and teachers gifts, because I love the rich color and find this such a helpful, practical cloth. I use it with just water to clean my counters, placemats, kitchen appliances and more. It’s so handy! I’m excited that it’s on sale this month with the pomegranate kitchen towel (for drying streak-free dishes and glasses) and the spirinetts. Spirinetts are the stainless steel scrubbers that removed boiled-over, burned strawberry cobbler from my oven the other day with just water. I always say they’re a Norwex “must have!” December also brings a great package with the Car Mitt and Car Cloth, and spend-and-get discounts on the EnviroCloth, Body Cloths, and graphite Kitchen Towel and Kitchen Cloths. These are amazing discounts!!  If you want to gift yourself for free, though, your best bet is to host a December Facebook or catalog party! Shop your own event — purchase holiday gifts through it — and you’ll earn back a percentage of your order in your host shopping spree! I’d be glad to help you find the best gifts or best strategy for your shopping. Feel free to message me through my Facebook Page — it’s the best way to get in contact with me!  Ready to place an order? My official Norwex shop is at!

2017 December CUSTOMER

2017 december Customer spend and get

2017 December HOST UPDATED


November Customer and Host Specials!

This is the time of year for healthy homes and happy holidays. My favorite thing about using Norwex is how simple my old cloths make it for me to keep a healthy kitchen. They still work…years after I first got them! Some of my favorite products are available for free to hosts or at a discount to customers this month. Here are the official Norwex November specials! Please note that hosts can earn a free mop with the new chenille mop pad in November!! Would you like to have a Facebook Party? Do you need help placing an order? Feel free to message me on Facebook or to explore my Norwex website. I would be glad to help you choose products or to have a 30-minute Facebook party for you and your friend!

2017 November CUSTOMER

2017 November CUSTOMER spend-and-get

2017 November HOST


Liquid Laundry Detergent is HERE!!!!!

Laundry has never been my favorite chore, but it’s something that I care a lot about because my clothes, sheets, and towels affect how I feel. Personally, I want my clothes to feel clean and soft, but I do not like fragrances. And my kids have super-sensitive skin and don’t do well with scented detergents, either. So I’m very excited about Norwex’s new Liquid Laundry Detergent! Our family’s been a fan of the powdered Ultra Power Plus for years — a little goes a long way, it’s fragrance-free, it’s eco-friendly, and we use it for many jobs at home (not just for laundry). So why make a change? I’m eager to try the new Liquid Laundry Detergent because it has enzymes to tackle odors and stains. Thanks to messy meals, sports, a potty-training toddler, and viruses that hit most families from time-to-time, I know we’ll have reasons to want enzymes in our laundry detergent. I can’t wait to post my personal review of this new product!

Liquid Laundry official info image