Cleaning Paste is in the June Host Rewards!

Woo hoo!!!!  I think Cleaning Paste is one of the most practical, versatile, long-lasting, helpful things you can own. And you can get it for free this month as part of Norwex’s host rewards!  I’ll include the June host flyer below. Do you have any questions about how the host plan works? I love coaching hosts about how the plan works, so they can earn as much as possible. (Norwex is very generous!)  If you’d like to chat about how the host plan works, it’s easy to reach me through my contact form or by messaging me on Facebook.

2017 June HOST specials


When your “cleaning fairy” goes on vacation

My cleaning fairy went on vacation. Can I borrow yours-


We all have times when life gets chaotic. Don’t you wish that you had a cleaning fairy??!!! I do! It can be so hard to keep up with the messes created in normal, daily life. So when you’re unusually busy, and you fall out of your cleaning routines, it can be even harder to maintain your home. This has happened many times to my family. I’ve noticed it happening when we have lots of commitments, when we get sick repeatedly in the winter, or when we’re distracted by back-to-back holidays and birthdays and other special occasions.

What changed my life was that Norwex cloths are fun to use, so that cleaning becomes a bit of a game. Bringing home an EnviroCloth, Window Cloth and Dusting Mitt made my life as a mom so much easier and happier. Maybe I don’t need a “cleaning fairy” after all…. As long as I keep an EnviroCloth within easy reach, I find that my husband, kids and I are much more likely to do our routine cleaning, even if life has gotten a bit hectic. We find it enjoyable to use the cloths!

These three cloths are my personal favorites — they’re the cloths I’ve used the most over the last 3.5 years:


Is your home life hectic, too? Do you have questions about green cleaning?

Feel free to send me a message on Facebook. I’d love to help! Answering questions for those who are new to Norwex is so much fun!

What if you want it all?

If you love Norwex and want to bring home something for every room in your home, please consider hosting a party or joining my team. This is a company you can feel good about, with a wonderful mission, supportive staff and teammates, and so many benefits for those who join. It’s a wonderful part of my life…so enjoyable that I don’t need a “cleaning fairy” anymore!


Need a “real mom” guide to your cleaning cloths?

I’m a real mom, with real messes! Want to see my latest videos, both live informal ones and edited ones designed to teach about green cleaning? Hurry over to my Facebook page then! Like it and follow it to see my latest posts!  You’ll find all of my videos, including a helpful playlist, right here.

Here’s one of my latest informal videos, showing how to use an Optic Scarf:

And here’s a look at an EnviroCloth under blacklight!


Please follow me at Home With Bec to see all of my videos and tips!


Free Mop Month News

Have you been playing around with the idea of hosting a party? Here’s why January is THE month to host a party, plus my personal tips to help you get your free mop.

January is my favorite month to do Norwex parties because the host rewards are exceptionally good. Most of the year, people want the mop but hem and haw about buying it. It’s a fantastic mop — well worth the cost — but it’s a $112 investment. Well, in January hosts can get the mop and lots more for free! I’m so pleased with Norwex’s updates to the January host benefits. There’s now an incentive to host your party in the first 13 days of the month (an extra $54 in free product can be earned!) and to get as many bookings as possible from your party.

Here are my tips for getting the most out of your party:

1) Find a friend who will book their own party from yours. You’ll get a free Window Cloth ($18.99 value!) for EACH party booked from yours! It’s nice to have a Window Cloth for each of your bathrooms, so it’s easy to quickly clean your mirrors. You need a booking from your party to help you earn the free mop and other cloths given to hosts.

2) Personally invite your guests by FB message, text or phone call — no group messaging! Invite at least 30 people, but no more than 50. Invite people from different parts of your life, not just from one social circle.

3) Post three of your own photos about using Norwex (selfies, before-and-after photos, or other photos!). Personal photos are interesting to your guests. They’ll help increase participation in your party!

4) I will post my own photos introducing Norwex to your guests on Facebook. Please comment on those — ask questions, tag friends who would find the information personally relevant, and be enthusiastic and involved!

5) Share your Norwex story and tag the friends that you want to see it. (Need help getting started? It can be simple! Fill in the blanks: ** When I first heard about Norwex I ____. Now that I have been using it, I ____. My life is different because ____. I think Norwex could be so helpful for my friends who ___ (have dogs, pets, small kids, allergies) and who want (a polished home, a toxin-free home, a safe place for their kids, an easier routine, to save money on their cleaning) **)

Hosting a Norwex party can be such fun! If you’re not very active on Facebook, then I suggest having a home party instead. A home party is the easiest way to get a big turnout and earn your mop. If you DO post a lot on Facebook and aren’t shy about sharing your tips, photos and enthusiasm, then a Facebook party is a great option!

If you want a Norwex mop, please message me on Facebook. I’ll help you get one for free in January!



Deck the Halls! An easy package for getting started!

I was pulling out holiday decorations when I remembered that one was especially dusty. Cleaning it seemed like a great chance to show you how my favorite cleaning cloths work!


The Household Package is an easy way to begin with Norwex. It gives you everything you need to clean, shine and dust! I’ve been using my set for almost three years and I still love it!

I’d be glad to answer any questions! You may place orders on my Norwex website or send me a Facebook Message or e-mail if you’d like assistance. I love helping people find the right products for them. I also enjoy helping my hosts and new team members earn free mops, as part of the host rewards and new consultant starter kit! Please let me know how I can help you bring home these valuable cloths and make your home a safe haven.