Yesterday I noticed that the burned sweet potato drippings on our oven floor looked like they were ready to take over the entire oven — they mess was three dimensional and growing. My cousin had a few minutes to hold our baby, so I grabbed a Spirinett and Cleaning Paste and went to work on the oven floor.

I thought I’d share my before-and-after photos with you here, plus a note of explanation which I think other parents will be able to relate to. Let’s be realistic — who has time to have a perfect looking oven? Not me! That’s why I only cleaned the oven floor, not the sides.  I needed to work quickly before we began cooking dinner in the oven, and before I fed the baby. It was SO EASY, and was accomplished in just 10 minutes and without any fumes! Can you clean your oven with an infant nearby, and not worry about them breathing in something harmful? I’d be glad to help you get that done — Norwex makes it possible!







By the way, one of my tips to new Norwex shoppers is to always add a pack of Spirinetts to your order!  They are the most affordable, long-lasting stainless steel scrubbers I’ve ever used. Unlike scrubbies from the grocery store, these don’t rust, and you can use them again and again (for months). As long as you’re paying shipping to buy other products, I think it’s a great idea to stock up on a pack of Spirinetts. We use them for our oven floor and door, cast iron skillet, and grill.

Cleaning Paste is also one of my favorite products. It’s versatile — we use it on our stovetop, kitchen counters, oven, bathtub, and more. We’ve been using the same tub of Cleaning Paste for more than a year and a half, because a tiny dab of Cleaning Paste goes a long way. I love being able to use a nontoxic cleanser (made from marble flour, coconut oil and natural soap) to remove berry stains from our kitchen counter, get Sharpie off of our bathroom sink (can you tell we have kids?!), and make oven cleaning so delightfully easy.


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Cleaning Paste - The secret of a clean oven - pinterest image

Oven cleaning without fumes!

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