Trave-Enviro at hospital LABELED

It has been one of those weeks at our house. Our baby caught a virus and has been vomiting for days. Eventually the illness spread through the whole family (including grandparents!). It seems inevitable that we would all catch it — when you let your child not only puke on you, but also put their adorable, germy fingers on your face and up your nose, you will catch what they have. By midweek our baby was sick enough to require a trip to the emergency room for rehydration.

I am grateful for the support of friends who have dropped off meals, grandparents who selflessly helped us until they became ill as well, and for a job that allows me to work from home when my kids are so sick!

Here is a popular blog post from last winter about how we used Norwex to clean our home during a bout with the stomach flu. I must say it has been much more difficult to stay well right now, when the sickest person in the home is a one-year-old, who cannot be encouraged to limit the spread of his germs. He can’t help being a baby, and as his mom, I can’t help but cuddle him and love him. This too shall pass! In the meantime, as we start getting back on our feet, I am using Norwex again around our home. This year my “go to” product has got to be the travel-size EnviroCloths. They are just the right size for wiping commonly touched surfaces, they dry quickly, and it’s easy to split the pack of four cloths up, so a cloth is left in each important room.

Stay well, everyone. Thanks for being part of making the world a healthier, greener place!  Please chime in — comment about how you cope during winter’s germy season. I’d love to know what works for you. Here’s a thread about that on my Facebook page. Please comment there!



Oh the germs!