The first Norwex cloths that I tried were the EnviroCloth, Window Cloth and Kitchen Cloth. This was almost four years ago, when a friend from an online expecting club told me about Norwex, I bought my first cloths, and I was amazed at the many, many things I could clean with the EnviroCloth. Oh my gosh – it’s a workhorse! I cleaned baseboards, floors,¬†muddy fingerprints on the wall,¬†appliances, counters, tables, placemats, bathrooms, toys, windows, mirrors, big spills of soup on our carpet…all with the EnviroCloth and water. I was shocked at how helpful it was and although I am an introvert at heart, I wanted to tell my friends about it. It was too good a find to keep to myself. So I’m glad to be able to say that Norwex has an EnviroCloth SALE this month. When you spend $90 on products, you can add an EnviroCloth for just $5 (a savings of around $12). It’s a great deal! There are also customer specials for kitchen cleaning and for tackling SPOOKY cobwebs and dusty ceiling fans with the EnviroWand! You can order all of these from my website at Happy Shopping and Happy Halloween!

2017 October CUSTOMER Spend and Get - screenshot

2017 October CUSTOMER

October Specials: Making Cleaning Less Scary!