The new fall 2015 catalog is here!  Here’s what I’m the most excited about:
  • A new, thicker Enviro Cloth. As always, use it properly to remove up to 99% of bacteria!
  • Adorable kids hand towels with an animal theme — they’re called Pet to Dry.
  • New shapes for silicone lids — cover your casseroles, bakeware, cups, mugs and more!
  • Magnesium-based water filtration system to leave your drinking water healthier and more tasty.
  • New (grey) colors in the bath mats, bathroom scrub mitt, entry mat, and EnviroCloth.
  • Bottle brush extensions to help you clean baby bottles and scrub pots and pans.
  • A back scrubber for the shower
  • An EnviroCloth with a magnet in it so it can hang from your refrigerator or other appliance!
  • New packages to help you get started with Norwex and make your home a safer haven.

I can’t wait for you to see the adorable new hand towels for kids!  Please check them out in this flipbook version of the print catalog. Enjoy it and let me know if you have any questions. I’m here to help!  If you see something here that you’d like to buy, you may make purchases from my official Norwex store here. If you are shopping a friend’s Norwex party please be sure to type their name as your hostess when you check out. Thanks!


Norwex just gets better and better!

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