Today I dropped a container of baby food. Pureed green beans spilled all over the fridge, my new black suede boots, and the floor. Sleep deprivation-related clumsiness strikes again!  I was a little annoyed, but I knew the situation wasn’t too bad. When you have an EnviroCloth in your kitchen, most food related disasters are actually not a big deal. I used the EnviroCloth to clean the fridge, then the floor, and and finally my boots (no stain!). This is the same cloth that had recently tackled our counters, sticky placemats, and a muddy pumpkin brought home from a first-grade field trip.

This experience reminded me of how often Norwex has been helping me keep things together lately…

Two Sundays ago, our baby spat up all over my wool coat at church. The Travel-Size EnviroCloth in my purse tackled the mess — no problem!  (and no stain!)

Last Sunday I forgot to grab the Lint Mitt for my black skirt, but the dry Travel-Size EnviroCloth I’d restocked my purse with worked pretty well to pick up the lint from my skirt!  We were running a wee bit late (hello, trying to get to church with a baby and two small kids…) but I went to church feeling presentable.

On Monday I got spat up on again while we were out and about, and once more, I was super glad to have a Travel-Size EnviroCloth at hand.

The only problem I’m having right now is that I keep loaning out my Norwex to local friends and hostesses. Without an EnviroWand to use, I think we may have quite the collection of cobwebs at our home just in time for Halloween.



Norwex is made for klutzes like me!

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