We use Norwex products in our kitchen every day! Here are the products that my family uses the most, along with my personal opinions about what has been most helpful and practical.


Enviro Cloth (AntiBac)

I love my Enviro Cloth! It’s the product we use the most when we clean the kitchen. When you use an Enviro Cloth, you can clean with just water!  I use mine to wipe counters and the greasy stove top, and to easily leave glass refrigerator shelves clean and shiny, without needing any soap. You can use an Enviro Cloth to clean wood cabinets, appliances, place mats, dining tables, and all kinds of sticky messes. Pair the wet Enviro Cloth with a dry Window Cloth to leave stainless steel appliances shiny, wash kitchen windows, leave glass-top stoves shiny, and have shiny faucets, sinks and kettles.

The Enviro Cloth is one of Norwex’s AntiBac products, which means that silver is melted into its fibers during the manufacturing process. Silver is a natural antimicrobial — it inhibits mildew, mold and bacterial odor. Because of the silver, you’ll be able to rinse your cloth well after each use, hang it to dry, and then just launder it weekly.

My detailed review of the Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth includes photos and videos showing what they can do.

Scrubby Corner Cloth (AntiBac)

The Scrubby Corner Cloth is essentially an Enviro Cloth with one special corner, with a pocket to insert your fingers and an abrasive edge to help you scrub. It’s a nice tool for scraping dried maple syrup off of the dining table!  You can buy it separately, but might also consider buying it bundled with Cleaning Paste, an Enviro Cloth, and a Window Cloth as the Scrubby Starter Pack.

Kitchen Cloth (AntiBac)

The Kitchen Cloth is microfiber and AntiBac like the Enviro Cloth, but it has a looser weave, a ribbed texture, and a slightly smaller size. I like the Kitchen Cloth very much for wiping counters, placemats, and appliances, but I still prefer the Enviro Cloth for its special scrubbing and stain-removing ability. There are several other nice factors about the Kitchen Cloth: it comes in a variety of colors, can be paired with a matching Kitchen Towel, and at $9.99 is an inexpensive way to have an AntiBac microfiber cloth dedicated to kitchen purposes.


Kitchen Towel (AntiBac)

As I mentioned above, you can buy pretty matched sets of Kitchen Towels and Kitchen Cloths. The Kitchen Towel is very absorbent and since it is AntiBac it will not get smelly like many traditional kitchen towels do. Just be sure it gets rung out and is hung in a way that lets it air dry.  I will be honest — I am still using my old cotton kitchen towels a lot, because I’m hard on my towels and want to use some “beat up” ones when cleaning greasy cast iron pans. I’m glad to have the Norwex Antibac towels on hand, though — they really absorb a lot!


Window Cloth (AntiBac)

The Window Cloth is used to dry surfaces that you want to leave clear and shiny, like kitchen windows, mirrors, stainless steel appliances, glass-top stoves, kettles, and more. I always use a damp Enviro Cloth to clean surfaces, then follow it with the dry Window Cloth. Some people even use the dry Window Cloth to shine up their hardwood floors after they mop them!

You will get the best deal on your Window Cloth if you buy it with an Enviro Cloth (or as part of another bundle of Norwex products) instead of selecting the items separately. For example, you’ll save money if you buy the Basic Package: one Enviro Cloth and one Window Cloth.


Dish Cloth

This looks like a white net, but it’s really for washing your dishes! Add a little dish soap (any brand) to it and use it like a sponge. Because of its loose weave, it will rinse out easily even if you’ve been cleaning up dough and flour, and it will dry quickly when hung up. You can run it through the dishwasher to clean it. No more smelly, germy sponges! If it gets discolored (i.e. from tomato sauce) just put a pinch of Norwex’s UPP detergent in a small bowl, add enough hot water to cover the dish cloth, and let it soak for a little while. Rinse it very well, and it will be white again.


Dishwashing Liquid

The dishwashing liquid is great for washing dishes, but my favorite use for it is to get black grime out of my Enviro Cloth after I clean up oven grease or mildew.

In case this is getting confusing: You should only use water when you clean surfaces using an Enviro Cloth or Kitchen Cloth. Water is all you need for your cloth to work well on windows, counters, appliances, and more! However, if your cloth gets really dirty from all of your housecleaning, you can use a single drop of Norwex’s dishwashing liquid to get the grime out of it. Rub the soapy cloth against itself to release the dirt or grease, rinse it very well, hang it to dry, and it will be ready to use again. You should not use a regular dish soap with your Enviro Cloth or other microfiber cloths like the Kitchen Cloth – regular dish soap will coat the cloth’s microscopic fibers and make them less effective. I trust Norwex’s dishwashing liquid to rinse away, but I would not use a regular dish detergent or soap with my Norwex cloths!

Cleaning Paste

Norwex’s Cleaning Paste is made from marble flour, coconut oil and natural soap. It comes as a dry paste in a small tub that usually lasts a family two years. To use it, wet a SpiriSponge, toothbrush, scrub brush, or Spirinett and remove a tiny dab of Cleaning Paste. The combination of the water and Cleaning Paste makes for great cleaning power! You can use Cleaning Paste to clean stained counters, shine sinks, clean glass-top stoves, remove marker from wood floors or counter tops, clean your oven and burner plates, and remove burnt-on food from pots. Do not use on silver or brass, and always test on an inconspicuous area if you’re concerned about the possibility of scratches.





Oven-door-Spirinett-v2I think the Spirinetts are Norwex’s best buy. They’re sold as a two-pack for $5.49 and are SO durable – we’ve used the same, single Spirinett for 5 months to clean our oven, oven door, burner plates, cast iron pan, and a friend’s burned saucepan. Because of the Spirinett, I’ve kept burner plates for months longer than usual (instead of having to throw them out, I can soak them in hot water and soap, then clean every mark off of them with a Spirinett). I can’t believe we’re still using the same Spirinett that we started with months ago – it’s held up so well. A store-bought scrubber would never have lasted through cleaning my oven, let alone for also cleaning so many other surfaces!



I use the SpiriSponge to apply Cleaning Paste to our counters and remove stains. My mom uses it to clean her glass-top stove (which she then dries to a shine with a Window Cloth). I tried using it for washing dishes, but I really prefer the Dish Cloth for that purpose. I save my SpiriSponge for other jobs.


Ultra Power Plus (UPP)

Norwex’s laundry detergent helps me not only care for my microfiber cloths and also helps me tackle grimy jobs. I use a pinch of it in a bowl or pot of hot water to soak my cloths if they get too greasy and dirty. I use it weekly to launder them. And, I keep a tiny bit of UPP mixed with water in a spray bottle, and I use that for the rare case when old detergent or grease build-up is too much for my Enviro Cloth to handle. A little bit of diluted UPP can help take built-up glass cleaner streaks off of mirrors and windows, can take old layers of cleansers off of the front of stainless steel appliances, etc. Soaking oven vent filters in hot water and UPP is a great way to remove years of food particles and gunk.


Superior Mop Collection (AntiBac)

The Superior Mop is my favorite way to quickly sweep dry debris from our floor (with the dry mop pad) and then easily clean the floor with just water and the wet mop pad. The job is done so fast, without a sopping wet floor, the traditional wringing out of a wet mop, or the detergent residues normally left behind. Here’s my detailed review of the Superior Mop Collection. It also comes in a smaller size for apartments. We’ve been quite happy using the full-size mop in our townhouse. If you buy the mop collection, definitely also buy the Rubber Brush – it will help immensely when you’re cleaning dirt from the dry mop pad, and you’ll also be able to use the rubber brush to clean filters from dustbusters and stick vacs, to gather pet hair from furniture and baseboards, and for other jobs around the house.



Norwex has new products designed to reduce the impact of plastics in our homes and the environment!
The Pitch the Plastic Pack

If you’d like to use fewer disposable plastic bags and wraps, this is the package for you.  It includes:

  • Out to Lunch Snack Bag
  • Out to Lunch Sandwich Wrap
  • 3 Reusable Produce Bags
  • 2 Silicone Lids (to replace plastic wrap)
  • 4 Stainless Steel Drinking Straws
  • 1 Stainless Steel Straw Cleaning Brush


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These are my personal opinions about the most helpful kitchen products to begin with. Please let me know your thoughts or questions. I’d be happy to assist you with learning about Norwex, making a purchase, or hosting a party.




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