This photo shows all of the products I received for FREE as part of a Norwex party I hosted this July. Norwex knows how to treat its hostesses!  It was so much fun to open up the box with all of these free products, and it’s even more enjoyable for me to think about sharing this with my friends and customers!

While the rewards of a party vary from month to month — and they depend on the party’s sales and the number of buying guests — this gives you an idea of how much FUN it can be to receive a hostess special in the mail. These products are enough to clean your whole house and will last a very long time.

July-2014-hostess-rewards-WITH -LABELS

Would you like the chance earn a package like that?  Or perhaps to win one in a contest?

To book a party: Contact me to book your August party in your home or online.  (See my guide to hosting a fabulous Facebook party if an in-home party isn’t possible for you right now. Facebook parties can be a lot of fun!)

If you’d like to know about my contests and sales — i.e. this month’s Mystery Host Party — send me your e-mail address and ask me to add you to the private Facebook group where those are announced. (Norwex doesn’t allow public posting of contests and private sales.)

Finally, this is the link to shop my current party. Ask me which sales, discounts or contests are happening!  There’s usually a fun promotion going on.




It’s Christmas in July here…

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