When I first heard about Norwex I was slightly curious, but thought my usual microfiber cloths were fine. I didn’t understand that Norwex’s were of a much better quality, and that my store-bought cloths and vinegar spray weren’t cleaning surfaces adequately. After my friends began posting about Norwex EVERY single day, and I saw how it removed stains with just water, I broke down and bought a Basic Package (Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth). And then I was hooked (and wished I had a handful of Enviro Cloths, so I’d have one for the kitchen and one for each bathroom). I couldn’t believe how much I suddenly loved washing windows, and how low-stress my response to children’s spills and messes became.



My family has saved so much money by not having to buy paper towels, glass cleaner, counter scrubs, disinfecting wipes, polishing sprays, and more. I also don’t need to spend time mixing up homemade, environmentally-friendly cleansers and scrubs — Norwex microfiber and water work better than anything I previously tried.

We have added Norwex microfiber to the way we care for each room of our house. As a result, life has gotten simpler for us! We have Norwex’s mop, Dusting Mitt, and Enviro Wand to help make dusting and mopping easy and fun. We have an Enviro Cloth for the kitchen, an Enviro Cloth for carpet stains and gross messes, and a Basic Package (Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth) for each bathroom. We use the Bathroom Scrub Mitt and Descaler in our tub, and Cleaning Paste to cope with the constant magic marker, sharpie, and blueberry stains generated by our kids. If something boils over and burns in our oven, a Spirinette gets the mess up in seconds. We no longer need kitchen sponges, now that we have the quick-drying, easy to clean Norwex Dish Cloth. We even have an antibacterial, quick-drying hand towel in our kids’ bathroom, and Body Cloths for them to use in the bathtub, to help keep them as healthy as possible.



Taking the leap – making my first Norwex purchase – took me some time, but I am so glad that I did it. Trust me, once you have an Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth — and can clean SO many messes with just water — you won’t look at cleaning the same way again!

If you’re new to Norwex, my suggestion is to start with the Household Package. Its cost is similar to what the average U.S. family spends on cleaning products each month, but it will last you an average of 10 years and will replace MANY household cleaning products, for years and years of savings.

I joined Norwex as an independent sales consultant in February 2014 and am thoroughly enjoying this job. It’s flexible, allows me to share something I really believe in, and lets me help my friends and family save money and have healthier homes. What could be better?

If you’d like to join Norwex as a sales consultant, September 2014 is a special month. You can try Norwex products for free this month, with no sales requirement. I’m so glad that my friend encouraged me to become a consultant and mentored me. I’d be glad to do the same for others! Norwex consultants earn a 35% commission, have a very supportive team, and are appreciated by the leaders at our home office. In addition to earning commission, your sales progress is rewarded with lots of free products, especially in your first 3-months as a consultant. I’ve explained how rewarding the Fresh Start program is in this blog piece. If you’re interested in joining Norwex, please let me know!






My Norwex Story

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