I didn’t know how much I needed my Norwex career until I was a few weeks into it and was having so much fun. Let me tell you a little bit about my journey…

Direct sales seemed so out of my comfort zone. I’d expected to become something like a hospital chaplain or lactation consultant, and had never attended a direct sales party in my life. Selling Norwex cloths was a surprising twist in my story! I have an autoimmune illness and was really struggling with it when I became a consultant. It was a hard time. Learning to do Norwex Facebook parties and an occasional home party was a bright spot in that year. I’d been sad about not being able to work as a nurse (the job I had trained for). I loved caring for my kids, but I needed something more…a job of my own.

I quickly discovered that the same joy I found in nursing school when I found out what a patient wanted to learn and could help them make constructive changes could also be found during Norwex parties! I was getting to be a listener, a teacher, and a problem-solver. I also was delving into awesome social media courses (like HoneyBadger 101 with Kelly Paull) and realizing that there was a lot of fun to be had there!  I was using my Norwex income to help my family, and this made me really happy. I also LOVED all of the free products I was getting from Norwex as a thank you for my efforts. I found that there was great flexibility in Norwex — if I was very sick I could easily take a few weeks off — and also that the trainings were very helpful. I could learn, earn, and grow. Quickly Norwex became a second home for me — a family, a support network, a place to learn, to teach, to help, to be part of a team.

It’s turned out that being a Norwex rep is one of the best parts of my life. I wonder if it could be that way for you, too? I’d be glad to chat with you and answer your questions about it. Feel free to message me on Facebook — we can chat online or can schedule a time to talk on the phone. I’ll help you determine if Norwex could also be a happy “second home” for you!

My life is so much happier because of this gig