If you’ve shopped with me online or at a party, I want to be sure you’re a happy customer with plenty of opportunities to continue enjoying Norwex! I can’t offer my own sales publicly, but I can offer private discounts, giveaways, and contests for my established customers.

I share these private sales and giveaways in the Home With Bec Customer Club (a closed group on Facebook). I love using a closed Facebook group because it gives my customers control over their privacy and communications. No one will see your posts to that group except members of the group. You can select to be notified by e-mail whenever I post a sale or giveaway, OR you can never receive e-mail notifications (you can just check the group’s page on Facebook when it suits you).

There will be discounts offered to members of this group all summer long. There will also be at least one giveaway per month. Feel free to let me know if there’s a discount or contest you hope to see. I’ll try to make it happen!  Don’t miss out on the fun: If you’re a customer of mine, please ask me to add you to this closed Facebook group!



 Stay in Touch

If you’re not a previous customer of mine, you can still stay in touch using my public Facebook page. Please “like it” and share your thoughts there. Here’s an example of a recent post:




My giveaways and sales
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