It’s pretty amazing how using Norwex has changed my daily routines. Life is so much easier and healthier in our house now, compared to when we used many homemade cleansers, disinfecting wipes, paper towels, and cotton cloths. Life is simpler when most of my cleaning is accomplished with just water and Norwex microfiber!

My journey with Norwex began about a year and a half ago, with just an Enviro Cloth, Window Cloth, and Kitchen Cloth. Over a number of months, I brought Norwex into every room in our home, and found that it made my days happier and easier!  Here’s how I used Norwex just today:

  • Optic Scarf — to clean my glasses 8 million times, as I kept getting them messy while snuggling baby Joshua
  • Scrubby Corner Cloth — to clean gunky stuff from the front of our fridge (hello, small children with ketchup on their hands…)
  • Spirinett — to quickly scrub our cast iron frying pan and clean it with just water
  • Kitchen Towel — to rescue our 6-year-old’s homework from a spilled water cup, and to dry lots of dishes
  • Dish Cloth (the one that looks like a loosely woven net) — to wash lots of dishes. You’d never know how hard it worked today — it looks great despite dealing with bread dough and beef stew
  • Enviro Cloth — to clean the kitchen counters and bathroom
  • Kitchen Cloth — to wipe and maintain our kitchen counters during the day, after an initial “big clean” this morning (after the glass shattered all over the kitchen)
  • Body Cloths — to wipe sticky hands and faces many times as the day went on
  • Ultra Power Plus — to soak and hand wash an Enviro Cloth that took some serious abuse this weekend (We also used UPP in our carpet cleaner yesterday!)
  • Enviro Cloth (again) — our 6-year-old used it to clean ketchup from the carpet during dinner


Using Norwex has become such a routine and easy part of our lives. I’m so glad we made the switch!

My Day With Norwex

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