This is the cutest, most adored hand towel ever to take its place in our home.

pet to dry pig - our house

My six-year-old is in love with her new Pet to Dry: Pink Pig hand towel from Norwex. It’s as soft as a stuffed animal, so she loves to hug it! I like knowing that it has Norwex’s BacLock in its soft chenille fabric. BacLock is antimicrobial silver, designed to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacterial odor. I’m also thrilled to think that she’s more likely to wash her hands well — we’ve stressed that she wouldn’t want to touch her much adored pink pig if her hands aren’t clean!  Soon we will add Norwex’s other Pet to Dry towel — the yellow tiger — so the pink pig will have a friend.

Here’s how our Pink Pig looks hanging in our half bathroom.

 pet to dry pig and graphite kitchen towel  LABELED

Please note: I happened to be using a Norwex Kitchen Towel today in the half bath, but Norwex also sells Hand Towels. There are actually a number of products recently available in graphite, including hand towels, bath towels, bath mats, bathroom scrub mitts, and back scrubbers. The awesome entry mat is also going to be available in graphite in October.



My daughter is in LOVE

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