I have not been a “high energy” person lately, as I’ve been slogging my way through a tough part of this pregnancy. I’m grateful that Norwex has been making my household tasks as simple as possible, since I haven’t felt up to doing much!

Today was the first day in a while when I really had some energy and wanted to take on household projects. First, I decided to mop. With Norwex’s microfiber mop, the job is unusually easy. It took me less than half an hour to mop our kitchen, hallway, and downstairs bathroom; to tackle a tough spill in our upstairs bathroom; to use the mop to clean our bathtub and shower stall; and to rinse out the mop pads in our kitchen sink and hang them to dry. The work was done so quickly!  I was particularly happy to discover using the mop in our bathtub and on the shower walls — no more bending and scrubbing. How wonderful!  (Remember, the mop is part of the hostess package this July!)

Then my three-year-old and I headed outside, where I used the Enviro Cloth (and water) to clean his muddy water table. Once he was set up and happily splashing, I used the Enviro Cloth to quickly wipe away mud from our flower boxes and flower pots, clean off our glass deck table, and wash a sandy window. It couldn’t have been easier. A cotton cloth or cheaper microfiber cloth would not have grabbed nearly the amount of mud that my Enviro Cloth did — because it picked up and absorbed so much with each pass, it made the job easy.

When we returned inside, I used my other Enviro Cloth to clean our kitchen counters, sink, and kitchen window with just water. As always, I used it with a dry Window Cloth, to leave the sink and window streak free.

I am relieved to be finding some energy again — yay for nearly reaching the second trimester! — and am so pleased that my family is using Norwex now. It makes our life easier and healthier without us putting forth much effort, and when you’re pregnant and caring for two kids, you need life to be simple!


Making life easier

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