Testing Norwex’s Silicone Bakeware Lid for the First Time

I needed to quickly make some baby food today. It occurred to me that this would be a great time to try out the new silicone bakeware lid. I microwaved an acorn squash in a glass pan covered with the rectangular bakeware lid, and it worked very well! You can see from the photos how much steam there was in the pan (showing that there was an excellent seal between the lid and the pan). This was such a quick way to steam some food. I’ll definitely be using this technique again!

Now that I’ve realized how much faster it is to make squash in the microwave than it is in the oven, I’ll be doing this more often. It only took 10 minutes to steam the squash in the microwave!

Silicone Bakeware Lid Acorn squash 1   Silicone Bakeware Lid Acorn squash 2

Making baby food

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