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I love working with other women on issues that we care about. The laughter, team-work, brainstorming, and personal growth are so rewarding!

I have been thinking a lot this week about how much I loved working to improve research of pediatric chronic fatigue syndrome when I was a teenager. Trust me, this relates to Norwex…. Here’s a small portion of my story.

One of the most difficult and sad times in my life was also the most rewarding. When I was a teenager, I became very sick and I was primarily homebound from age 16 to 26. During this often dark time, I collaborated with other youth who were ill and with their parents, working to improve pediatric medical research and care. We traveled to participate in congressional briefings, attended conferences at the National Institutes for Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, organized letter writing campaigns, assisted researchers with study design, connected sick kids with pen-pals, and worked on a newsletter for youth and parents. I did most of this from bed or while lying on the floor, because I was so debilitated. When I left the house for an extended period of time, I used a wheelchair. Despite the trying circumstances my friends and I laughed SO MUCH and so hard. It’s amazing how much humor and joy existed during such times!  We made a difference in the lives of other children and teens, and we had a lot of fun while working hard. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

What brought up all of this?  Well, I’ve been puzzling over some Norwex “homework” for a week and a half. Yep — I have Norwex homework!  I’m taking a training for future team leaders and it’s been invaluable and thought provoking. I was asked to choose three people who I’d consider essential to the success of a new business (to imagine starting something new) and to TELL those people why I’d love to work with them. At first I wondered if this meant choosing people with key skills, to create a balanced team. I set the homework aside to go on our family camping trip and to begin recovering my energy after getting home…and my gut feeling about the homework became clear. Do you know what I want? I want a team of Norwex reps who laugh just as much as my friends and I did when we were working on pediatric research and lobbying campaigns. I want to work with folks who care about Norwex’s mission, who enjoy what they are doing, and who like to brainstorm, collaborate, and work as a warm team. I want to care about my new team members, as I still care so much for my friends that I did volunteer work with, and to create something excellent together.

I already LOVE collaborating with the Norwex reps on our existing team. It’s a warm community. We have a great time sharing ideas and helping each other out. It’s been a pleasure to help several friends become part of it already. I feel ready to lead a growing team and plan to share the opportunity more often in my personal interactions. After all, working for Norwex has been so much fun for me — why wouldn’t I want to share the opportunity with others?

If you’d like to know more, just ask. And don’t be surprised if I as you if you’d be interested. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I am happy to offer it to others!



Make a Difference. Have fun. Help your family!

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