Norwex has changed how we clean our kitchen: We clean faster, more effectively, and without toxic chemicals.  I love that there aren’t chemical residues on my counters! It’s so easy for me to clean our kitchen surfaces every day. Here are several videos introducing my favorite kitchen products!


The Spirinett



The Kitchen Cloth



The Enviro Cloth




Cleaning a Glass-Top Table with the Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth



You may also enjoy my introduction to Norwex in Your Kitchen, with my personal reviews and recommendations about how to make your kitchen a healthier place and so much easier to clean. If I was starting out brand new with Norwex today and my priority was kitchen cleaning, I’d buy:

Norwex cloths work best with just WATER and remove four-times as much dirt as traditional cleaning methods. They are amazing. If you’d like to know more, please see Why Norwex Microfiber is Different.

You can make your kitchen a chemical-free zone!  You may purchase Norwex kitchen products from me through any of the links on this blog. If I can assist you in finding the best deals or problem-solving products for you, please contact me!  I’m always happy to talk about Norwex with my friends and customers.




Kitchen Videos

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