My Family’s Experiences with the Newest Norwex Products

It’s been such fun trying out the new products from Norwex that came out in August. Here are my family’s thoughts about a few of them.


Pet to Dry kids hand towels

I love the Pet to Dry kids hand towels!! We have been putting them to SERIOUS use around here and after more than a month, I am sold. These have become a personal favorite. I waited to gush about them in my blog and Facebook customers club because I wanted to put them through the wash a bunch of times and see if they held up. I’m happy to report that I’ve been washing the pink pig towel and its buddy, the yellow tiger, weekly, and they are holding up great! My kids LOVE to dry their hands on the towels, and I love that they don’t get smelly. They dry quickly and have BacLock, so they self-purify. I’ve gone as long as a week and a half in between washes and the towels never got stinky. I give these an enthusiastic recommendation. If you have kids, I think these are a LOT of fun to have around.


Newer, thicker EnviroCloths and travel-size EnviroCloths

I especially like that the EnviroCloths now come in grey! The new cloths are thicker, so they are more absorbent, and we are now able to state that they remove up to 99% of bacteria when they are used properly. It’s nice to grab a travel-size cloth and feel that it is heavier, more dense than the previous version.


Back Scrubber
Where was this when I was pregnant and could barely reach my calves and toes?!  The back scrubber’s length and handles make it easy to wash your back, yes, and they also make it easy to exfoliate your legs, even if you’re not great at bending and reaching. I would have loved to have had this when I was 8 or 9 months pregnant. LOL. I think its scrubby, exfoliating side is really nice for exfoliating my legs before I shave (just like using a Body Cloth and water before shaving allows one to not need shaving cream, this prepped my legs nicely for shaving without soap or shaving cream).



Wet/Dry Bag
This is a nice option for carrying wet cloths — It’s sized just right to keep in my purse, so if I wet a travel-size cloth or a baby body cloth when we are out and about, I’ll have a wet/dry bag to bring it home in.



Where to Shop

You can buy the new product line here in my Norwex shop!   If you are shopping a friend’s party, please type their name as your hostess when you check out.  (Likewise, if you’re a friend of mine, it helps me if you not only shop my Norwex site, but if you also type my name and select me as your hostess when you check out. Thank you!)



“Kid- and Mom-Tested”

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