I’m so excited about our town’s farmers market reopening. Visiting the market on Saturdays is a great chance to see our friends, meet farmers and artists, and plan meals based on the produce that’s in season. We use our Fruit & Veggie Scrub Cloth a lot this time of year, to clean carrots, potatoes, and so much more. When something is less practical to clean with a cloth, like berries, we use the Fresh Produce Wash. My husband and I both notice how it washes away waxy residues and leaves fruit tasting so much better. So I’m excited that these products are on sale this month!  I also love this month’s discount on the body cloths, makeup removal cloths and hand towel. I think they’d make a wonderful “going away gift” for a new college student! The body cloths clean and exfoliate with just water (and can also remove makeup). The makeup removal cloths wash your face and remove makeup with just water. And the hand towel is perfect for both drying hands and for drying your face in the evening, after you wash up and take off any makeup. There’s something more to mention this month: If you spend $85 you can add in a Kitchen Towel or a Pet Mitt for $5!

2017 June Customer specials


You’ll find the Skin So Fresh and Food So Fresh specials in this section on my Norwex site. If you have $85 worth of products in your shopping cart, the option to add the $5 Pet Mitt or Sea Mist Kitchen Towel will appear on the page. If you have any questions or would like assistance with choosing products, planning a party, or considering becoming a Norwex consultant, I’d be glad to help. Feel free to contact me!

June Specials for Cooks & Gardeners!