Happy 24th Birthday to Norwex! I thought it would be fun to share some anecdotes about how I use the items that are on sale this month! Scroll down for photos and video links, too! The June 2018 customer specials include several free gifts or deeply discounted items, as part of Norwex’s birthday celebration. Here’s the sales flyer, followed by my personal opinions about the products on sale!

Let’s start with the Kitchen Party Essentials:

  • All Purpose Kitchen Cloth – I like using this gray waffle weave cloth to sop up dark, greasy messes, like when I clean my oven with Cleaning Paste and a Spirinett or clean a dirty glass-top stove with Cleaning Paste and a SpiriSponge
  • Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth – we use this awesome green cloth so often, year-round. The scrubby side is amazing for cleaning potatoes, carrots and other root veggies (it practically peels them if they have a thin skin!). And the smoother side is great for cleaning apples, peaches, or melons.
  • Kitchen Scrub Cloth – This blue cloth with a nylon scrubby weave is great for sticky messes that require a little extra scrubby power. I like to use it for bathtubs! You can also use it to wash dishes or clean stovetops.
  • SpiriSponges – My family uses SpiriSponges with Cleaning Paste for counterstains, glass top stoves, and cleaning whiteboards. They’re also helpful for washing nonstick bakeware with lots of gluten-free cake, muffin or breadcrumbs baked on.

Next, let’s talk about Dish Time Diva:

  • Blue netted Dish Cloths – I’m crazy about these! They last for years. Gooey food like bread dough, cheese, guacamole and peanut butter rinse right out of the loosely woven cloth (whereas they tend to ruin sponges). You use these with an eco-friendly dishwashing liquid to wash your dishes. At our house, we like to sanitize the Dish Cloth by placing it on the top rack of our dishwasher with our cups and mugs. Also, I like that even though we knicked our cloth when washing a serrated knife and tore it a tiny bit, the tear has not spread. The cloth still works well several years later!
  • Bottle Brush and EnviroSleeve – I like this product. The main appeal to me is that I can wrap the microfiber EnviroSleeve around the brush and really clean inside water bottles, getting them spotless in a way that seemed impossible with foam-based bottle brushes.
  • Sink Mats – These are smaller than the large Dish Drying Mat. The set of 3 sink mats is just the right size for me to dry our 8 million water bottle parts, sippy cup parts, and travel coffee cup lids! I also use them when drying a SpiriSponge or EnviroSponge.

If you’re buying a Bridal Shower Gift or are New to Norwex yourself, then please check out the Our Birthday Best special!

  • Two EnviroCloths!!! This gives you one cloth for your kitchen and one for your bathroom! The EnviroCloth is why I fell in love with Norwex and is the reason why I became a consultant (to share it with a few mom friends!). I use it with water for cleaning counters, tables, my refrigerator, spills on the carpet, muddy handprints on our wall, our bathroom counter/sink/mirror, suede shoes and boots, and so much more!
  • Free Window Cloth – I think the Window Cloth is the cloth that makes people the happiest – it cheers people up! I know that I love brightening a room, getting streak-free windows, mirrors, glass tables and shelves with just the cloth and water.
  • Dusting Mitt – My kids, husband and I all love the fuzzy Dusting Mitt. It’s great to not need to clean as often, not need sticky dusting sprays and polishes, and to be using the same dusting mitt for years!
  • EnviroWand – It’s funny, I used to only use the EnviroWand for ceiling fans. Lately, I’ve begun appreciating how well it cleans walls, cobwebs, baseboards, beneath appliances, under furniture, and more! When I first got the EnviroWand years ago I used to use it dry, but now I prefer to mist it with water and use it slightly damp.

Here’s how to use the items in the Our Birthday Best special (as well as a few more products!)

I love this month’s Spend-and-Get Offers!

  • Limited-edition Graphite Dusting Mitt – This looks so classy hanging on a wall organizer with your other cloths, but is so practical, too. I have one of these mitts at home – it looks great and also works very well for dusting! Use it dry to dust your home, or wet it with water and use it to clean your window screens!
  • EnviroSponges – If you are a big fan of Cleaning Paste, you’ll love using it with EnviroSponges. They have two different sides — I like using the scrubby side to clean with Cleaning Paste, and then use the microfiber side to wipe away the mess and leave a surface looking great!  Also, if you’re looking for a machine-washable sponge for dishwashing, this is a superb option! It has a one-year warranty. It should be hand washed with some dishwashing liquid after each use and propped up to dry. Please machine wash it once a week and then let it air dry.
  • If you place a qualifying website order, the spend-and-get offers will appear at the top of your screen, with an option to add them at a discount.

This month’s specials make it so easy to host a party!

With such appealing packages for Norwex newbies and Norwex fans, it’s easy to hold a catalog party, Facebook party or home event this month! Here’s what a host could get by having a party during June. Keep in mind that everything in this flyer can be earned for free by a host!  (If you’d like me to send you a PDF version of the host and customer specials to help you decide about hosting or shopping with me, please send me a Facebook message. I’d be glad to send the PDF files!)

I’d love to help you choose a starter package, host a party or join my team. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

June brings “birthday gifts” from Norwex!