If you’ve been thinking about hosting a Norwex party, July is the time to do it.

Norwex released their July host specials yesterday…and it’s mop month!  I have so many friends who have really wanted the Norwex mop and now they can get it for free.  I’m so excited!

This is my favorite collection of host rewards from Norwex so far. Here’s an overview:

  • The first tier of rewards (for $325 in sales and 1 booking) includes products that every family will LOVE. This package includes the Enviro Cloth, Window Cloth, Scrubby Corner Cloth, Kitchen Cloth and Towel Set, and Dusting Mitt.  You will save so much money using those products (not buying paper towels, cleansers, wipes, and more) and will have a healthier home without toxic chemicals!
  • The mop is added to the next tier of rewards, for $500 in sales and 1 booking. This package also includes the cloths listed earlier, to save you money all around your home.  I’d love to see every host get at least $500 in sales, so they’ll get the cloths and the free mop!
  • If your party has $750 or $1000 in sales, the reward packages include additional items, like the rubber brush to use with the mop.
  • There are additional free items added if you have enough buying guests!  These product include the Enviro Cloth, Body Cloth set, Car Cloth, Dusting Mitt, and the Kitchen Scrub Cloth!
  • In addition, hosts get a Norwex shopping spree!  They get 8-12% of the party sales volume to spend on whatever they want to buy from Norwex.

This is the best host package I’ve seen since I joined the Norwex team. I want to share it with lots of friends!  Please contact me to schedule your July event today!




How do you host a Norwex party? Contact me to discuss the details, but here’s an overview of how it works. First, choose a time and date that will work well for you and your friends. You could choose a fun theme, like a flip flop party, barbeque, or evening “mom’s night out” without the kids. Invite a lot of friends, aiming to have 12-14 at your party, and plan on calling them to remind them 2-3 days before the event. Leave parts of your house a little dirty for me, so we can show your friends the Norwex magic!

What about online parties? If you cannot have a party in your home, you could have a party on Facebook. An online party’s success depends on the host actively, enthusiastically partnering with the Norwex consultant to discuss the products online. Your friends will want to hear about your experiences with Norwex in your home.

Norwex makes my family happy and improves our quality of life. I want to share it with lots of families!  Hosting a party in July is the best way I can think of for you to stock up on healthy, easy cleaning tools. Let me know when you’d like to have a party!



July is the month to get a free mop!

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