Fellow moms…is anyone else sick of hand towels being left on the bathroom floor? I have young kids and it’s justĀ so easy for them to knock a regular hand towel onto the bathroom floor and then forget to pick it up. I really enjoy the fact that when we’re using our Chenille Hand Towel, it stays put. It also stays fresh smelling for so many days! I’m pleased that it’s on sale this month from Norwex, because it’s been on the wish list of almost all of my recent party hosts. Once people fall in love with basic Norwex, they usually really want bath towels and hand towels, and the Chenille towel is at the top of their list! Here are the July Customer Specials. Do you have any questions about them? Does anyone want to know more about Body Cloths, which are on sale, too? They remove your makeup with just water! I encourage you to e-mail me with questions or to reach out to me on Facebook – I’d be happy to help you learn about Norwex!

2017 July CUSTOMER

July Customer Specials