Psssttt….This is how I became a Norwex consultant! I joined three and a half years ago in a very similar way! Read on to see my story.

2017 June - recruiting - Join for Free flyer

Three and a half years ago, I had fallen in LOVE with the first few cloths that I tried. I used them all over my house and was amazed that they made me feel like a less cranky mommy, because I could handle my kids’ 8 zillion spills and messes with such ease. A friend that I knew through an expecting club told me about her Norwex career and how much she enjoyed it. She shared that in that particular month, new consultants could join with zero sales commitment. It’s always free to join Norwex, but typically there is a sales goal for new consultants. When I joined, there was a rare chance to join without that commitment. That option put my mind at ease. I joined. It was the start of something that’s brought me so much happiness, through personal growth, gaining new skills, financial benefits for my family, wonderful new friends, and the chance to be part of a mission-driven company. Well, a similar opportunity is here now! If you join Norwex through noon CDT on July 1, you can choose a small starter kit, with zero sales required!

One reason my Norwex career has worked so well for me is its flexibility. I joined Norwex, then soon after had surgery, a high-risk pregnancy, a baby and toddler with challenges who needed quite a bit of support, and additional surgeries for myself. The past three years have been a rollercoaster, and my Norwex career has been such a source of encouragement, motivation and much needed fun! I’ve built a small team of consultants, held many parties, and contributed to my family financially, while enjoying making new friends. I’ve had the flexibility to choose different ways of working, such as exclusively doing Facebook parties when I had a newborn baby. Because we do not have monthly sales required, I could take time off when I needed to do so. This is the kind of job where my hard work pays off; kindness, warmth and integrity are necessary and encouraged; and I can continue building towards my goals even if I occasionally need to slow down the pace because of my family’s needs or my medical needs. I’m motivated. I’m happy. And I believe in what we’re doing through Norwex parties (helping other families improve their quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in their homes). I was nervous about joining Norwex, but the no-sales-required sign-up option put my mind at ease. I took the leap. And it was such a good decision for me! This is why I’m so glad the same option is available to you now.

Would you like to talk about this? I love helping new consultants get started! My top tip is to get your first four parties scheduled now, prior to signing up. Then base your sign-up date on your party schedule, so that you’ll begin making sales as soon as possible after you join. There are time-based rewards that you can earn as a new consultant, based on having early sales right after you join! You could earn hundreds of dollars worth of free products if you get a strong start! Here’s a second tip: when you’re brand new and are waiting for your starter kit to arrive, work with your upline (the friend who helped you join Norwex) to have a private Facebook party immediately, to launch your business online. That way you can start sharing green cleaning tips with your friends and family even before your starter kit arrives! You’ll be making a difference in the world in so many ways.

For me, my Norwex career is a flexible way of helping my family, friends, and the environment. It’s a connection to others — to my customers, hosts, team and the larger Norwex community. It’s an outlet for my creativity. It’s a bright spot when life is hard. It’s a reason to learn new skills. I enjoy the friendships, financial benefits, and personal growth gained through Norwex so very much. I’d love to help you be part of our Norwex community if you’re interested and would be glad to answer any questions you have.


Here’s a comparison of what comes in the two kits (join-for-free vs the standard party starter kit) 

2017 June - recruiting - join for free - comparison of the kit contents


Here’s a comparison of the financial benefit of joining the two different ways: 

2017 June - recruiting - join for free - comparison chart


If you’d like to join Norwex with the Join for Free Kit, please do so before noon CDT on July 1. If you’d like to talk with me first, to see if this seems right for you, I’d be glad to talk on the phone. Please send me a message and let me know the best days and times to reach you.

Joining For Free!