Will your family be “going green” and getting healthy in the new year? One thing I appreciate about having Norwex in my home is that my daily cleaning is done without harmful chemicals. You can’t get safer than cleaning with water! January Norwex parties are traditionally a big deal because January is a “mop month” for Norwex hosts! That’s a month when the Superior Mop Collection can be earned for free in the host specials. It’s so exciting when this happens! The January 2018 rewards are especially great because they begin with free products that will help all families get clean and healthy — like the Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth, kids’ Pet-to-Dry Kitten hand towel, and green EnviroCloth. Then they add in the chance to earn the mop for free! There’s even the chance to earn a free microfiber entry mat to stop dirt at the door, and to earn an extra (second) wet mop pad — one made from recycled water bottles! I have been using the same mop for over 3.5 years and I still love it. It makes my house cleaning simpler and easier. I can’t wait to help lots of families bring it home this January!  I do home parties in the Hudson Valley and Facebook parties for families all throughout the United States. If you’d like to host a party in January and hopefully earn a free mop, please send me a Facebook message!

2018 January HOST

January is a Mop Month!