Over time, I’ve turned into my mom — Like her, I get excited about small things. We’re both enthusiastic about improving our family’s health, and love to read about and implement any change that could make our quality of life better. These are nice things to have in common with her. Here are two silly, small things that make me happy today.

Tossing out old products: I was so pleased this morning when I found a few “traditional” harsh cleansers that I could throw out. They aren’t needed now that we’ve been cleaning with Norwex!  I tossed out a chemical based carpet cleaner, full of fragrances, because we’ve just started cleaning our carpets with a Hoover SteamVac and Norwex’s Ultra Power Plus detergent. My husband and I couldn’t believe how well the Ultra Power Plus worked — the carpets are so much cleaner now than they were when we rented a rug cleaner and used the store’s carpet shampoo. I also was able to toss out a bleach-based tub scrub today. Now that we have Cleaning Paste and Descaler, we just don’t need it!  It makes me happy to be storing fewer cleansers, and to not have poisonous, dangerous items in the house. With small children around, it’s great to have nontoxic products on hand.

If you’re reducing the toxic chemicals in your home, you might find the Environmental Working Group’s Cleaners Hall of Shame helpful. It lists the the products that are the most dangerous or misleading in their labeling. It’s a helpful list if you’re prioritizing which products to toss and which ones to keep.

Cute cloth diapers: Here’s today’s other evidence that I’ve gone crunchy and am giddy about funny, small things. Our kids are with my parents for the day and I can’t wait for a date out with my husband. But, before our “real” date begins, we’re off to New Baby New Paltz — a store I’ve wanted to visit for ages, with lots of products for moms and babies. It’s funny, but what I’m most excited about right now is shopping for cloth diapers there!  I loved cloth diapering our first two kids, and am eager to get ready to diaper our third baby. We sold, gave away, or wore out a number of our cloth diapers, so it’s time to restock…and I’m excited. If you cloth diapered your kids, please let me know what your favorite diapers were!  I’m feeling out of touch — now that my youngest is three-years-old, it seems as if I’ve missed some of the developments in the cloth diapering world.

Little things, like shopping for cute newborn diapers, and finding healthy easy ways to clean, make it easier to get through the tough times in pregnancy. I can’t wait to welcome our little one and take care of him or her!







It’s the little things….

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