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I’ve known for a while that our reusable, amazing cloths from Norwex (which last 10 years) are helping our budget.  My family is saving money by not buying many paper towels or other disposable cleaning products.

To quantify the savings for a family just starting out with Norwex, I decided to estimate what they’d save by using Norwex cloths to clean their kitchen and bathroom counters, wipe up spills, clean sinks and faucets, and clean windows and mirrors. (Norwex microfiber does more than that, but let’s start out with this simple switch.)


Let’s compare the cost of traditional cleansers for those jobs vs Norwex cloths:

Traditional Products: $150.28 is the estimated 12-month cost for a family using 2 rolls of paper towels per week; 8 packages of disinfecting wipes per year; 2 bottles of Windex per year; and 2 bottles of Soft Scrub per year (based on prices at Walmart)

Norwex: $48.48 is the cost of two Enviro Cloths and one Window Cloth from Norwex, which would be enough cloths to clean your kitchen appliances and counters, bathroom counters and mirrors, and all of your windows for TEN YEARS. Look at that cost savings: $48.48 as a one time cost instead of spending $150.28 every year!

$70.47 is the cost of those two Enviro Cloths and one Window Cloth plus a long-lasting package of Norwex’s detergent, Ultra Power Plus, which will last you months and months if you’re just using it to wash your Norwex cloths.

Even if you count the cost of buying an environmentally-friendly detergent, switching to Norwex saves you money very quickly!


There are additional benefits of switching to Norwex:
  • It cleans without soap – you’ll save money by not buying carpet stain remover, dusting and polishing sprays, special cleansers for stainless steel appliances, and more!  Here’s how I removed pizza from our carpet with just an Enviro Cloth and water!
  • It leaves nothing but water behind – you won’t have to worry about dangerous chemical residues affecting you, your children or your pets.
  • It avoids stinky cloths — The microfiber is made with silver in its fibers, to ward off mold, mildew and bacterial odor. You’ll be able to launder your cloths just once a week.

So, you’ll save money, clean in a healthier way, and clean more quickly, because you won’t be toting around different sprays, soaps, and paper products for each job! You’ll only need water, two Enviro Cloths and a Window Cloth!


Are you ready to make a change?

Please let me know if I can help you switch to healthier, easier cleaning with Norwex! You can buy great “starter packages” in the Norwex Collections section of my website.

  • I highly recommend buying at least the Basic Package plus an extra Enviro Cloth (that would give you an Enviro Cloth for your kitchen, an Enviro Cloth for your bathroom, and 1 Window Cloth for windows, mirrors, and shining faucets).
  • An even better start would be to purchase the Household Package plus an extra Enviro Cloth – this will provide you with an Enviro Cloth for your kitchen, an Enviro Cloth for your bathroom, a Window cloth, and a Dusting Mitt!

Please let me know if you need any assistance with shopping and finding the right products for you.








How Norwex Saves Me Money

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