Want to weigh in?  I’d love to hear about your real life messes and how you clean them!  What’s your number? How  many times per day do you reach for paper towels? You can click on this Facebook post to add your input.

Before I discovered Norwex, my family bought a jumbo pack of paper towels every 4-6 weeks. We used a lot of paper towels!!! And that was just with having two kids at home (now we have three!). A big part of my Norwex journey was seeing how wonderful it was for our family to almost never need paper towels. It was so easy to clean with Norwex cloths (easier than with paper products) and it also helped the environment! We also saw a huge cost savings, because Norwex cloths last for years, whereas paper towels are used once and thrown away. What’s your life like? Please comment and tell me about it. I’d love to hear your questions, too!  Click on the Facebook graphic below and join the conversation!

How messy is your life?!