How I store our Silicone Lids - LABELED


I’ve been finding that it’s very convenient to hang our Norwex Silicone Lid sets by a Command Hook inside a kitchen cabinet. This leaves them neat and easy to access. Our set of round lids is well over a year old now, and most days it’s been used and washed multiple times. In particular, they were used a zillion times a night when our son was a newborn — I wanted to reheat leftovers for snacks every time he woke to nurse, and so for months, our Silicone Lids were in almost constant use. I can’t stress how well that set is holding up (it looks new!) and how greatly it’s reduced our purchase of plastic wrap and waxed paper. It has been such a practical purchase for my family!

I actually gave several sets of Silicone Lids as Christmas and Chanukah gifts last December, because I knew how much we loved our set and that the gift recipients liked to cook.

This summer Norwex added three other Silicone Lid options: a set of small lids sized for covering cups, mugs and small bowls; and a square and rectangular lid sized for bakeware. I look forward to sharing my reviews of those!

How I store our Silicone Lids

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