Have you ever wondered how Norwex’s host specials work?  The monthly specials are generous!  Norwex has a Four Star Host Reward system. Our hosts have the opportunity to earn so many free products. Here’s how:

  • Hostess Specials: For having at least 3 buying guests, 1 new party booked from theirs, and a certain level of sales, a hostess earns a package of free products!  The packages vary each month, but there are always four levels based on the party’s sales total: $325 in sales, $500 in sales, $750 in sales, or $1,000 in sales.  For example, a hostess in July 2015 who has $500 in sales could bring home a free Superior Mop Collection, Dusting Mitt, Kitchen Cloth and Towel Set, Dish Cloth, and Enviro Cloth. (They also need to have the 3 buying guests and 1 booking to earn that package.)
  • Bonus Products for Having Lots of Buying Guests: As of July 2015 having 5 buying guests earns you an extra Enviro Cloth; 8 buying guests earns you an Enviro Cloth and a Body Pack; 10 buying guests earns you the Enviro Cloth, Body Pack, and Car Cloth; 13 buying guests earns you the Enviro Cloth, Body Pack, Car Cloth, and a Dusting Mitt; and 15 buying guests earns you the Enviro Cloth, Body Pack, Car Cloth, Dusting Mitt, and a Kitchen Scrub Cloth.
  • Shopping Spree!  Norwex hosts earn 8-12% of their party sales in a shopping spree. It must be used when their party closes and it comes with free shipping, as long as they have at least 3 buying guests.
  • Window Cloths: Hosts must have at least one new booking from their party to earn their hostess specials. For each new party booked from theirs — and scheduled to be within 45 days — hosts get a free Window Cloth!


Here are the July 2015 Hostess Specials so you can see how the 4-Star Hostess Rewards work. Norwex knows how to take care of its hostesses!

2015 - July - HOST specials - mop - IMAGE


My favorite kind of party is the one-night Facebook Party. I have a nursing baby, so Facebook Events are perfect for me!  I do some home parties and I love them, but at this time in my life, I’m most able to reach other moms and offer help learning about Norwex by having Facebook events. If you’d like to talk about having a party online or in your home, please contact me. I’m happy to help more families bring free Norwex to their homes!

How do the host specials work?

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