I was up early this weekend morning, nursing Joshua and thinking about how glad I am that Norwex products have helped our family budget. Here are the items which have saved us the most money in the past year and a half. These really have made a difference for us!

Read to the end for info about getting a free Enviro Cloth if you’re a June-July hostess for me. It’s a booking gift from Norwex!


Saving money with Norwex


Here are my thoughts about why these products have been money-savers for us.


Dish Cloth

Instead of buying new sponges All The Time, we’ve had the same two Norwex Dish Cloths for a YEAR. They are both still going strong, despite heavy use (we cook a LOT so there are many, many dishes to wash). I like having two Dish Cloths, so if one is being cleaned in my dishwasher (or is soaking in a bowl of UPP detergent and hot water) the other is available to use. Each cloth is $9.99. They come in white or dark blue. They rinse out easily (even when covered in dough or batter), dry quickly, and avoid the issue of wet, germy kitchen sponges.


Dish Cloth - my pics

Silicone Lid Duo

Silicone Lid - largeSeriously, I don’t think we’ve bought waxed paper since last November, and I can’t remember the last time I needed plastic wrap, either. Everyone who visits our house and tries the Silicone Lids says they want a set for their own home!   The set of 2 lids is $19.99



Did you know these are just $5.49 for a 2-pack?  I love them SO much that I think it’s worth adding them to every order. In our house, a spirinett usually lasts 2-3 months (we use them for our cast iron frying pan, cleaning the oven, saving forgotten burned pans, etc).




The Dusting Mitt

Stopping buying dusting sprays and polishes has been great for our budget!  Our dusting mitt has been used for a year and a half (we even used it to clean tar off of a window screen) and it still looks almost new. The Dusting Mitt now comes in 2 colors (blue and green – both $17.99) and is also available in an adorable, kid-size version ($12.99).


Cleaning Paste

This stuff lasts so long, that our family is STILL using the same tub I bought a year and a half ago, even though we use it a few times a month AND I’ve given dabs of it away to friends. Cleaning Paste has taken the place of bleach-based sprays and scrubs for our counters, oven cleaning products, bathtub scrubs, etc. The tub costs $29.99, but gosh, you’ll use it for sooooo long that it is worth it.



The Basic Package — an Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth

We’ve stopped buying glass and window cleaner, counter scrubs, carpet stain removers and more, all because of switching to these two cloths. The biggest savings for us has been our reduction in paper towel usage, since an Enviro Cloth works so  much better than a paper towel for washing windows, wiping counters, or cleaning up spills.  The fact that a Basic Package should last you TEN years or 500 weekly washes really helps when you “do the math” and calculate your savings.


Kitchen Cloth and Towel Set

To really reduce our paper towel usage, we moved our roll of paper towels someplace hard to reach (on top of our fridge!) and hung a pretty Kitchen Cloth and Towel Set on the front of our oven. The Kitchen Cloth is like a slightly smaller Enviro Cloth, with a ribbed texture and more color options. The Kitchen Towel is GREAT for quickly drying spills and for drying dishes. If those are easily within our reach, we don’t need paper towels.

kitchen towels and cloth - my pic



Superior Mop Collection

If you get this for free or half-off, and then never have to buy another disposable mop system refill or a bottle of mopping solution, then that is a BIG savings!



Now, if you’ve made it this far in this post you are 1) awesomely supportive (thank you!) and 2) may already be addicted to Norwex.

I received the majority of my Norwex for free by hosting parties and by being a consultant. It makes me SO happy to help others get free products, so if you’d ever like to know more, just ask. I’m super excited about giving away a free Enviro Cloth to my June-July hostesses. Please check in with me if you’re interested!  I’d also be glad to mentor new consultants. We receive 35% commission and many free products as incentives. It’s a really fun, flexible job. I’d be happy to talk about it with you any time, with no pressure to commit. I love sharing Norwex and the Norwex opportunity!


Helping our Family Budget

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