I thought I’d share this post from my Home With Bec Facebook Page tonight because that is where you’ll often find me! I love Facebook — ever since I started being up half the night with a newborn, Facebook has been a lifeline for me. And now it’s also where I help families “go green” by answering questions, demonstrating products, sharing what my life is really like, and having Facebook parties.

If you’d like to schedule a January Facebook Party, there’s still plenty of time! This is a “mop month,” when hosts have the chance to earn the Superior Mop Collection for free!  I love having Facebook Parties in January because not only do they eliminate any worry about snowstorms or illnesses leading to cancellations, but they also are the perfect way for people to ask lots of questions about creating a healthy home and a fresh new start in 2018. Please send me a Facebook Message if you’re a Norwex fan who’d like to schedule a Facebook Party date.

Here are the January Host and Customer Specials, so you can see how exciting this month will be!

There’s also a wonderful benefit for new Norwex consultants: If you join Norwex during January, you’ll get a 40% discount on everything you purchase this month!

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest green cleaning news and Norwex specials? Or do you have questions about becoming a consultant or hosting a party? Please like my Facebook Page and feel free to message me there with questions. Have a healthy and happy January!

Healthy New Year Facebook Parties
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