Our son has discovered the fun of coloring on the wall.

We recently experienced a classic parenting moment: we moved a piece of furniture and discovered that our child had been using the wall as an artist’s canvas. Whoops! No worries — it was fixed quickly!  Here are two photos showing our son’s artwork and the result after my husband quickly wiped the wall with a damp Enviro Cloth.


Enviro Cloth vs Crayon on the Wall


Please take care: We use our Enviro Cloth and water gently on our walls and have never had a problem with it hurting the paint. Our paint has a glossy finish, which seems to help it hold up to cleaning. Please work gently and test the cloth in a hidden spot first if you have any concerns about removing paint from your walls.

We use our Enviro Cloth all over our house!  I reviewed the ways it makes me a less cranky mommy in this piece, which introduces the Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth.

This is a safe way to clean – that means from now on, our son can be in charge of cleaning up any art on the wall. I have no concerns about his well being when he cleans with a Norwex Enviro Cloth and water!  There are no harmful chemicals involved!

I love helping other families discover Norwex. Please contact me with questions or ask to join my private customer club on Facebook. I’d be glad to help you find the right products for your home!



Have your kids “decorated” your walls for you?

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