FathersDayI love watching my husband, Rob, with our two children. He’s a hero to them, with an imagination that’s larger than life, and a patient, loving devotion that they depend on. From the moment each of them was born he’s stepped up and been there for them – and me – in a way that means more than I can express. He tells me often how much they mean to him and how much he loves being a dad. I’m so thankful for this!

Our family is growing, literally and figuratively. We will be having a baby next winter! Rob and I can’t wait to have another little one to love and to guide. As one of three children myself, I’m looking forward to the playful chaos that having a third kid in the house will create. I have such fond memories of my childhood with my siblings. I’m trying to remind myself often of that joyful, playful future, to encourage myself and keep up my patience until I regain my energy later in pregnancy. Good things are coming! We will get to watch both of our older children in new roles as big brother and big sister. And I’ll have the joy of seeing my husband care for one more baby, and will get to watch their relationship grow and develop as that child reaps the benefits of Rob’s playful imagination and storytelling. There’s really nothing like watching him with our kids.

Happy Father’s Day, sweetie. You mean the world to our kids and to me. I can’t wait to see you with them and our newest family member next winter!


Happy Father’s Day…and a little news!

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day…and a little news!

  • June 16, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    Happy Father”s Day to Rob! You truly are the best!

    Congrats on the new bundle of Love soon to come!
    Sounds like a “dream”come true………;-)
    Love you all so much!
    Aunt Chris

  • May 10, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    I have never used Norwex but would love to try it. I am always lkoniog for asthma friendly cleaning products. And as for the delayed giveaway .I have one little boy at my house for ten hours each day and I feel like I get very little accomplished at times! 24/7 mothers with several young little’s are in my mind Amazing! (and how I hope to join the crowd of multiple little’s very soon!)

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