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My Advice About Getting Started With Norwex

Are you new to Norwex? Norwex’s mission is to improve our quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. The company does so by making high-quality microfiber cloths and mops, enzyme-based cleansers for harder jobs, and personal care products. I love Norwex cloths because they are so effective at cleaning!

Norwex microfiber cloths allow you to save money and have a healthier home, because you can clean with just a Norwex cloth and water!  Norwex cloths remove four times as much dirt as other synthetic yarns or cotton blend cloths, because they have so many cleaning surfaces per fiber.

I’ve enjoyed using Norwex in my home so much that I want to share it with my friends. It can be confusing to know where to begin, so here’s a “Norwex 101” introducing the most commonly purchased cleaning products and the items I feel are the best deals.


Recommended Products for Getting Started

These are the most affordable, practical ways that I recommend people begin with Norwex:


Basic Package – One Enviro Cloth and one Window Cloth Basic-Package

Item #1213


This is absolutely the best way to begin cleaning your home with Norwex. Using these two cloths together will make your cleaning fast and effective. The Enviro Cloth is absorbent and will remove dirt and debris, instead of just pushing it around. You use it without soapjust use water to remove stains, oil, crumbs, sticky residues, and more.  It has antimicrobial silver within its fibers, to inhibit mildew, mold and bacterial odor. Just rinse it well or hand wash it after each use and hang it to dry. Then launder it once a week with an environmentally friendly detergent (avoid bleach, detergents with fillers and fragrances, and fabric softeners, all of which could damage the cloth and make it less effective).

To wash windows, mirrors, faucets, and anything else that you want to shine, wet your Enviro Cloth with water. Wipe down the surface (i.e. the window, mirror, stainless steel appliance, or glass top stove). Then use your DRY Window Cloth to dry the surface until it’s clear and shiny. The two cloths work beautifully together!  To view videos showing their use, please see my review here.

Both of these cloths have a 2-year warranty and generally last 10 years or 500 washes. They’ll eliminate your need for glass/window cleaner and paper towels, saving you money for years.

Most people find that they love their Basic Package so much that they want to have multiple cloths on hand — to dedicate a set for each bathroom and one for their kitchen.



Household PackageOne Enviro Cloth, one Window Cloth, and one Dusting Mitt

Item #1202

$48.99  Household-Package

This package includes the Enviro Cloth and Window cloth (see descriptions above), plus the Dusting Mitt. The Dusting Mitt attracts dust and allergens, and keeps dust from resettling, so your home stays cleaner for longer periods of time. Use it dry to dust, or wet to clean blinds and window screens.

More about the Dusting Mitt: I like to keep our Norwex dusting mitt on top of our clothes dryer, so when I clean the lint trap and dust seems to fly EVERYWHERE on top of the dryer, I can grab it quickly with the dusting mitt. The dusting mitt has long microfibers and uses static electricity to latch onto dust and keep it from flying back up into the air. That means that we don’t have to dust as often as we used to, since we are REMOVING dust instead of spreading it around and having it resettle.

My favorite use of the mitt so far has been cleaning our kitchen window screen, which got really dirty after our parking lot was repaved. A dampened dusting mitt took the tar, dirt and pollen right off of our window screen (see photo!). After I got the Dusting Mitt so dirty with tar, I soaked it in a stock pot of hot water and Norwex’s detergent for several hours, to loosen the grime, then rinsed it and laundered it in the washing machine with my other Norwex cloths. Then it was good as new.





Household Package PlusEnviro Cloth, Window Cloth, Dusting Mitt, and an Enviro Wand

Item #1401Household-Package-Plus


This package adds in the Enviro Wand – a bendable wand with a microfiber sleeve, to clean hard-to-reach places such as ceiling fans, under appliances, inside oven doors, on top of high cabinets and shelves, etc. The sleeve may be removed and washed.



Ultra Power Plus (UPP) Detergent

Item #1115   1kg bag for $23.99

Norwex recommends cleaning its microfiber in an environmentally-friendly detergent without bleach, fragrances or fillers, such as Ultra Power Plus. If you use UPP to wash your microfiber once a week, this bag will last months and months!  My family uses it with our HE washing machine for all of our laundry and we only need 1-2 tsp per load!


Dishwashing Liquid

Item#: 1004    $8.99

This gentle, environmentally friendly dishwashing liquid is perfect not only for washing dishes, but also can be used one drop at a time to hand wash your Norwex microfiber cloths. If I get my Enviro Cloth greasy, I find that just a drop of the dishwashing liquid and a moment of scrubbing the cloth against itself is enough to remove the greasy black spot from the cloth.


Spirinett2-pack for $5.49

Item #354100

SpirinettThe Spirinett is an extremely durable, long-lasting, stainless steel scrubber for tough jobs. Clean your oven or BBQ with just a Spirinett and water! It’s great for tough pots and pans (do not use on nonstick surfaces).

I think the Spirinett is one of Norwex’s best buys — you get 2 of them for only $5.49 and they last for months and months!  We cleaned our oven, oven door, and burner plates with a single Spirinett three months ago, and it is STILL working well to clean pots and pans. This thing lasts!




Kitchen Cloth and Towel Set


Kitchen_ClothMade of extra absorbent Norwex microfiber, these cloths and towels are tough enough to handle any job. Like most Norwex microfiber products, they contain antibacterial silver, to inhibit mold, mildew and bacterial odor. The kitchen cloth has a ribbed texture and is great for cleaning counters, placemats, sinks and refrigerators. The kitchen towel is absorbent and great for drying dishes! Available in latte, sea mist, graphite, blue, orchid, pomegranate and salmon (See website for item numbers, which depend on color choice).

You can also buy the Kitchen Cloths individually — at $9.99 they’re a great way to have a Norwex microfiber cloth dedicated to your kitchen (so you can save an Enviro Cloth for bathrooms, windows, and other more grimy areas).



Cleaning Paste

Item # 403500           $29.99CleaningPaste

This environmentally friendly cleaning paste is like elbow grease in a jar. It cleans, polishes and protects chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, porcelain and similar surfaces. It’s made from marble flour, coconut oil and natural soap. A container of it generally lasts a household two years. A little goes a long way!


Superior Mop Collection

Item #1209     $112.99

For a detailed review, please see this post. This mop collection is excellent for quickly dealing with pet hair, mud, and common household messes. It’s unusually adjustable and will make mopping an easy task!


Caring for Your Norwex Microfiber is easy!  Here are Norwex’s instructions for the use and care of its microfiber products.


There are many other wonderful Norwex products – please check them out on my Norwex website at Please feel free to contact me with questions. I’d be happy to guide you to the products that will save you money and simplify your home cleaning! 




Updated March 3, 2015

Getting Started: Norwex 101
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