December is a wonderfully hectic month for our family, because we not only celebrate four weeks of Advent, Christmas and eight days of Chanukah, but also have birthdays in our home on December 13, 20, and 23, as well as close family members with birthdays on December 24 and 30. I call it “the month of cake!”

The cake you see in my blog header is the sorbet cake I often make for our daughter’s December birthday. She has multiple food allergies, so for her first birthday we began a tradition of making a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free sorbet and brownie cake. It is good.  This year she is old enough to invite friends from her kindergarten class to her party. I can’t believe how time flies!  This year I will also be 36-weeks pregnant when her birthday comes, so I am starting to plan ahead about her birthday, Chanukah, Christmas, and all of our family celebrations.

So much happens at our house in December, that I can hardly think about Halloween or Thanksgiving — I feel the need to be ready for all of these birthdays and holidays, and for the baby that’s coming in January!  I’m starting to plan the gifts I’ll be giving, and to think about what my friends and Norwex customers might find helpful as they plan their holiday gifts as well.

I’ve realized that if holiday preparations are on my mind, they may be on yours and your friends’ as well. November is a great time to have a Norwex party: your guests can stock up on gifts and stocking stuffers! Here are the customer and host specials for November. I can’t wait to help friends host parties and prepare for the holidays next month.

I’ve been sharing with my friends that my goal is to invest a lot of time and energy into my Norwex business in the coming weeks, with as many local and Facebook parties as possible. Then I will switch my focus to exclusively doing Facebook parties in January and February, when the baby is new. I’d appreciate your help in helping me build my customer base this fall — please let me know if you’d like to host a party, or if you’d like help planning holiday gifts from Norwex.

My hope is that by planning ahead and working now, I’ll be ready to focus on the holy time of Advent, to help my children appreciate and celebrate their Jewish heritage during Chanukah, and to build my strength and get ready for welcoming this baby in January.






I’d love to help you place an order with Norwex, plan a party, or answer the questions you may have about healthy cleaning. I’m an open book — contact me with all of your questions!



Getting ready for December (aka, the “month of cake”)

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