I’ve been adding more Norwex products to my family’s routine lately. Here are a few that have been game changers for us:

Fluff and Tumble Wool Dryer Balls
Our laundry is drying faster, at a lower temperature, and comes out nice and fluffy!  I’m so excited about how rapidly our heavy items like jeans, towels, and cloth diaper prefolds get dry since we started using wool dryer balls.

Hand Towel
This towel dries quickly and has silver in it, so it doesn’t get smelly and germy! I loved bringing this on our rainy camping trip; despite three days of rain and countless uses by our family of four, the towel never got gross. I want to switch out our old cotton bathroom hand towels and use Norwex’s towel instead. I’m sold on its benefits!

Ultra Power Plus detergent (UPP)
Lately we’re not only using UPP detergent to wash our Norwex cloths, but have also used it to wash our clothing and cloth diapers. It removed stubborn stains from clothes (it works great as a hot soak for stained shirts) and even worked in our carpet cleaner!  When I briefly tried switching back to a standard, name brand laundry detergent, I was overwhelmed by its fragrance and wondered how we used it for so long.

Dish Cloth
We haven’t needed a regular sponge in months. We’ve replaced our sponge with Norwex’s Dish Cloth. You may be surprised by its appearance — it looks like a loosely woven net — but once you try it you’ll be hooked!  No more smelly sponges!  The Dish Cloth dries so quickly that it doesn’t get smelly; I can sanitize it in the dishwasher; and a soak in UPP detergent and hot water brings it back to a nice white color if it gets discolored (i.e. from cleaning our crockpot after I make tomato sauce). It’s one of my favorite Norwex products!

Travel Pack
I’ve been carrying travel-size enviro cloths in my purse for a while. We mostly use them when coffee spills in the car, but it’s great to know that they’ll remove bacteria from a surface (just like a full-size enviro cloth does). Because of this, I’ll be sending one in my kindergartener’s lunch box each day, so she can wipe her hands and clean up any spills. She LOVES Norwex and will be happy to have her own special cloths in her lunch box!


Would you like to try these products? Or maybe you’d like to get them for free?

The links above will help you buy these products through my current party. I’m here to help you enjoy Norwex as much as my family does. I’d be glad to help you find the right products for your family; to tell you how you can earn them for free; or to help you join my sales team!   Contact me any time with your questions.



Game-changing products we’ve tried

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